PTSA Back-To-School Guide

Elkins Pointe Middle School - July 28, 2017

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Greetings Elkins Pointe Family!

School is almost back in session and I am excited about all we have lined up for the upcoming year! The building was under construction this summer and it is shaping up nicely. The halls are starting to sparkle as we prepare to welcome our Titans back for another amazing school year!

I am excited to share yet again, Elkins Pointe Middle School has received another 5-Star School Climate Rating. A 5-Star rating is the highest rating for a school to earn in Georgia. The School Climate Rating measures the “culture” of a school. Georgia School Superintendent, Richard Woods, said, "If your school has a positive climate, it's giving students the environment they need to learn. You'll likely see high achievement there – or a school that's on the right track toward high achievement."

At Elkins Pointe, we continue to be guided by our strategic plan that calls on us to:

  • Seek academic success for all
  • Provide a personalized learning experience to drive interest
  • Link our students to our school and community through service and technology

In simpler terms, we are here to help ensure our Titans are SMART, HAPPY, and CONNECTED!


As we roll into our second full year of our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program, we progress towards our goal of utilizing AVID resources and tools across the school to promote college and career. We have expanded our AVID elective offering to include a second teacher who will pick up an additional AVID class. We are seeking parent volunteers to serve as AVID tutors. Our Titan Binder system proved positive for most of our Titans this past year. This research-based approach helps our students organize their resources and be fully prepared for learning each day.

We are happy to share exciting news about three different donors including North Point Community Church, and one of our very own Titan neighborhoods stepped forward to support students. One donation was specific to just the 6th grade class...6th graders need not purchase a binder thanks to the generosity of our donor! The other donations, not grade specific, will be used to support Titans in the 7th and 8th grades, on an as needed basis. Rising 7th and 8th grade students may reuse their binders from last year. If replacing your child's binder is a hardship, please contact our school counselors, Mr. Jones or Ms. Deese, and arrangements will be made to discretely provide one for your child.


Thursday Clubs will continue offering our students over 40 different choices. Here is a sampling of the many interest-based, multi-grade level clubs: golf, karate, henna, yoga, creative writing, news cast, film, cooking, personal fitness, friendship, photography, guitar, yearbook, drama, recycled art, etc. We invite parents to volunteer, either on behalf of your company or to partner with a staff member. Also, we will continue with our Positive Behavior Incentive Program (PBIS), which allows us to celebrate and reward Top Titan students who make good choices.


Our WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program begins with 6th grade orientation, Camp Titan Up, on July 31st! Our 8th grade WEB leaders will mentor our incoming 6th graders into middle school, and be a guiding presence for 6th graders through out the year.

A child’s best advocate is his or her parent/guardian and we invite you to be a strong partner in your child’s education. The first step begins by joining PTSA on August 2nd at our open house on Information Day. This kicks off our annual fundraising campaign and we appreciate your tax-deductible donation to fund enrichment in our building.

My vision for Elkins Pointe is for us to constantly demonstrate our commitment to creating SMART, HAPPY, CONNECTED students. I look forward to working with you to make this great year!


Kindra L. Smith, Ed.S

Elkins Pointe Middle School

Home of the Titans!


Back to School Prep

  • Attend Info Day, complete the checklist
  • Update your calendar with the dates published in this newsletter
  • Subscribe to Titan Talk.
  • Complete your Volunteer Training
  • Complete online transactions: Join PTSA, order spirit-wear, add money to cafeteria account, donate to PTSA


6th Grade Orientation on Monday, July 31st

  • Sixth graders, meet your WEB leader, make some new friends and get to know your way around Elkins Pointe 8:30 - 12:30 We will provide pizza lunch
  • Parents you are invited for a fireside chat with Principal Smith at 8:30 - 9:15 in the cafeteria.

Hey, 6th Graders, are you ready for CAMP TITAN UP?

  • ALL Parents are invited on July 31st from 8:30 am - 9:15 am to the EPMS Cafeteria for a Parent University Workshop, which includes a "Fireside Chat" with Principal Smith, a "Middle School 101" presentation by Title I Parent Liaison, Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles, and followed by a Q & A!

  • 6th Grade Orientation aka CAMP TITAN UP will take place on July 31st from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm and will include a tour, team building, lockers open practice, snack of pizza, and so much more...

  • 8th Grade WEB Leaders. please report for duty on July 31st @ 7:30 am!
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We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Information Day is the kickoff of back to school activities. Also called Open House, it is a chance for parents and students to come to school, get your schedule and complete a number of tasks to help get the year off to a great start.

  • 6th grade: 10am - 12pm
  • 7th & 8th grade: 1pm - 3pm

Info Day / Open House Checklist:

  • Pay for Agenda and Lockers (Gym) ~ $15
  • Pickup bus info and browse afterschool programs (Café)
  • Add money to cafeteria account (Café)
  • Pay any outstanding charges e.g. laptop chargers (Front Office)
  • Join PTSA: parents and students are all encouraged to join (Rotunda)
  • Donate: make your donation to the annual fundraising campaign. Support enrichment for our Titans. (Rotunda)
  • Signup for ZippSlip app for permission slip and clinic data (Rotunda)
  • Get your Home Access code if don’t have it (Rotunda)
  • Pickup class schedule from Advisory Teacher (Classroom)
  • Walk your schedule and visit your locker
  • Fill out your volunteer interest form: join a project/committee or help a teacher (Rotunda)
  • Order your Spirit-wear! (Rotunda)
  • Order your yearbook (Rotunda)
  • 8th grade parents- Stop by 8th grade Trip booth for info and forms (Gym)
  • Bring in your School Supplies (You are welcome to reuse your Titan Binder from last year, if it i in good shape
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The school supply list can be found on the front page of the school website or on Facebook.

We will continue to incorporate AVID college prep and organizational activities school wide including the one binder system.

6th graders need NOT buy a Titan binder. One will be provided for your child. 7th and 8th graders bring your binder from last year if it is in good shape. Contact the counselors if you need assistance getting a binder.

If you see any great deals, we appreciate donations of highlighters, markers, #2 pencils, colored paper, notebook paper, 8-tab pocket dividers and pencil pouches. Drop them off at the front desk.

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Elkins Pointe Middle School Welcomes Parents and Guardians!

Research has proven that parent involvement directly increases student achievement levels. Involvement looks different for every family. We have many ways to get involved. The first step? Get connected!

Our vision is that each Titan and their family feels connected to Elkins Pointe Middle School. We wish for you to feel appreciated as an individual and not just part of the mass. Hence, we want to keep you in the loop and encourage 2-Way communication. EPMS communication strategies are designed to provide multiple paths for getting information to you in the way that works with your communication style.
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Join our Facebook Parent Page

The closed group fosters communication by encouraging members to share helpful info related to EPMS programs/activities, ask questions, and "shout out" EPMS business partners. Note: Members asked NOT to use this as a forum for personal solicitation.

Info Sent from EPMS


Weekly Titan Talk newsletter emailed every Friday evening to all parents/guardians with a valid email address on file with the school

The calendar on the school's website, one provided by the PTSA, and the running calendar at the end of every issue of Titan Talk.


Subscribe to Remind: Text @elkinspoi to 81010 to receive text reminders

EPMS on Social Media


Join the Elkins Pointe M.S. - Parent Group Page on Facebook, click here. Our Facebook page is a great place to ask a question and get input from our Elkins Pointe Parent Liaison and other parents


Twitter is Fulton County Schools preference of Social Media. Look for your child's teachers and administrators to see in real time updates. Here are some suggestions to follow on Twitter...

EPMS Website

When you visit the Elkins Pointe website at
  • Keep up with the calendar
  • Link to the PTSA website
  • Find the Bell Schedule
  • Connect with Home Access Center
  • Search the Staff Directory
  • Sign Up for the Newsletter
  • Order Your Yearbook
  • See the Teacher's Wish list
  • Register to Volunteer
  • Connect with Office 365
  • Utilize the Media Center Online Resources
  • Learn about AVID
  • And More...

Reach Out to Us!

  • Ask a question on Facebook
  • Email your Parent Liaison, Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles at
  • Contact PTSA, SGC, the administration/staff, and your child's teachers

Join Us in Person

  • Curriculum Night State of the School
  • parent University Workshops
  • Principal Chats
  • PTSA Meetings
  • SGC Meetings
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Events & Activities
  • Volunteer
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1. Parent Involvement boots student achievement.

2. Parent Involvement is actually a better predictor of academic success than standardized tests.

3. Parent Involvement is defined as "any variety of activities that allow parents to participate in the educational process at home or in the school."

“Just a little bit more!” ~ Kindra L. Smith

At the promotion ceremonies in May, Principal Smith challenged the students to do "just a little bit more" by pushing themselves every day to spend just a few more minutes reading, to say, "Hello" to one more classmate, to edit that essay one more time etc. What was her point? The point is each extra moment adds up to make a difference. Consider adopting that as it relates to your involvement by taking a few more minutes to read the newsletter, Titan Talk. spend some time asking your child about their classwork, attend one more event at the school or volunteer to helping with a PTSA program. Thanks for making a difference by giving "Just a little bit more!"


Hello Titans! I am Dr. Lorrie Bearden and I am very excited to welcome staff and students to Elkins Pointe for another great school year. I have been in education for 25 years and absolutely love my job! This year, I will be the 8th grade assistant principal, as well as supervising scheduling, curriculum, and student information. I am looking forward to meeting and working with parents, staff, and community members, as we all work together to nurture smart, happy, and connected students.

Greetings! I am Dr. Beverly Brown, formerly known as Dr. Hollandsworth as I was busy over the summer getting married.I am truly excited about the 2017-2018 school year as I will take the responsibility of serving as the 7th grade administrator. I will continue to work with WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program to help students be Smart, Happy and Connected through the orientation and mentorship provided to the 6th grade students.I will also continue my role as testing coordinator and math department administrator. I am looking forward to a great year!

Hello Titan family! I am Ms. Ida Ward and I’ll be the 6th grade assistant principal this upcoming school year. I am looking forward to sharing many social and academic experiences with the students and the community this year. I am excited to work with our students as they transition to our culture of smart, happy, and connected. Additionally, I will be supervising the Reading and English Language Arts, Special Education, and Title 1 departments.

Hello Titans! I am Rodney Jones and I am looking forward to a fun filled and learning focused year.I would like to welcome staff and students to Elkins Pointe for another fabulous school year. Every year that I have been in education just gets better and better.I absolutely love kids! This year, I will be the Administrative Assistant which involves supporting the Principal and Assistant Principals in their daily and instructional duties.I am looking forward to meeting and working with the EPMS community in developing smart, happy, and connected Titans!


Welcome, Titans! am Catherine Anderson, and I have been the Instructional Support Teacher at Elkins Pointe Middle School for the past four years.My role is to support teachers serving students with disabilities, I am a liaison from the county Special Education Department to the school providing redelivery of new programs and initiatives. I work with the Student Support Team and School Psychologist in identifying students suspected of having disabilities here and at local private schools, I chair eligibility meetings and serve as LEA at IEP meetings. I meet with parents and teachers to develop plans for their individual students, to problem solve areas of difficulty, and to celebrate successes.In addition to that, I provide support to the Autism and Orthopedic Impairment center school programs that we are blessed with at Elkins Pointe Middle School.I am committed to making sure that students with disabilities and their families continue to be included in all the wonderful things going on at Elkins Pointe.I look forward to working with you this year.

Greetings Titans! I am Dr. Lesia Griffin, your Graduation Coach, and I have been a part of the Titan family for 10 years. My job is to ensure a successful transition for all students from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school. I also work as an instructional support coordinator for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), Title I, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and Professional Development for teachers. I am committed to doing all that I can to ensure the academic success of every student at EPMS. you soon!

I am Traci Dease and feel extremely excited about our upcoming school year at Elkins Pointe Middle School. It is a joy to work with students, staff, and parents as a school counselor. I have been in education for 12 years and absolutely cannot imagine doing anything else! This year I will continue providing personal, social and academic support for all students through individual and small group counseling. I also look forward to working with our WEB Leaders, AVID elective students, and Pointe Team Members. I am thrilled to support our new Titans (both students and staff), parents and administration. My goal is to assist students in feeling smart, happy and connected throughout the school year, one day at a time.

Greetings, My name is Will Jones and I extremely excited about our upcoming school year at Elkins Pointe Middle School. It is a joy, privilege, and honor to work with students, staff, and parents as one of the School Counselors at Elkins Pointe. I have served in education for 10 years and 3 of those years have been spent serving the students, families, and community here at Elkins Pointe. I plan to work in helping our 6th graders successfully transition to the needs, requirements, and happenings of middle school. Also, through providing a variety of Class Council lessons I will work to equip our 7th grade students with different relationship building skills that will help them connect with individuals from all walks of life. Lastly, I am excited about working with our 8th grade students and connecting them to a variety of College and Career opportunities available to them, in addition to connecting them to their prospective high schools and prepare them for life after middle school. It is my ultimate goal this year to be a valuable connection for our students, families and community stakeholders in making sure the Elkins Pointe Middle School students are the most College and Career ready Smart, Happy, & Connected students in Fulton County.

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Benefits Your Child:

  • Sees your commitment to Elkins Pointe and to learning
  • Has the opportunity to engage in leadership, advocacy and volunteerism as a student member
  • Experiences academic and character enriching programs

Benefits EPMS:

  • Supports the Mission of the EPMS PTSA, our programs, and family involvement
  • Supports Advocacy $3.75 of each membership supports State and National PTA
  • Helps position EPMS PTSA for awards and recognition which can enable grants and partnerships

Benefits You:

  • Your membership and donation level entitle you to various rewards and opportunities
  • Electronic school directory with contact information for participating families
  • PTSA Discount card from participating EPMS business partners
  • Plus, all PTA members are eligible for Georgia and National PTA discounts

PTSA Discount Card:

Back for the second year, PTSA has assembled discounts you can use at more than a dozen local business partners and vendors. Just our way of saying, "Thanks for supporting our Titans!"

Membership Goals:
  • Our membership goal this year is to exceed 700 members.
  • With 900 families, 1100 students, 150 teachers, and staff we should meet and exceed that goal.
  • We invite each family to join us and ensure a strong PTSA for our fabulous school.

What’s the “S” for in PTSA?


At the middle school level, students can join PTA too. That is why it is called a PTSA. This is a great opportunity to introduce and reinforce your child to the value of advocacy and volunteerism.


The Ask!

We ask each family to join us in donating to the Elkins Pointe Enrichment Fund to provide our Titans with rich curriculum connected learning experiences on and off campus It will take approximately $30,000 to execute the work we have prioritized with Principal Smith and her team for this school year. The budget equates to about $30 per Titan (Any donation is welcome and makes a difference, we need the equivalent of 300 families donating $100. Last year we had 240 families donate).

If we raise the $30,000, our teachers will have the opportunity to increase the number of hands-on activities and experiences through visits to and from historical sites/centers, guest speakers, artists, experts, presentations, and performances.

If we raise more than $30,0000, we can invest in capital improvements. Principal Smith has discussed ideas including a Rope / Confidence Course (like Northwestern MS has), a community greenhouse, additional collaboration spaces and much more.

Did You Know?

  • Elkins Pointe PTSA is a 501c3 which means all donations are tax deductible
  • You can donate to Elkins Pointe PTSA through your company’s annual giving campaign including reoccurring payroll deductions.
  • Many companies match contributions to 501c# organizations.
  • We can help answer your questions. Email us at

Together We Can Meet Our Goal!

Help us fill the thermometer and fund these key programs!

Why Donate?

For your student. For all Titans. Ultimately we are all here for one goal, to provide our students with an effective and enriching middle school experience. The more funds we have the more we can do for our Titans.

How Do You Benefit?

You will be a part of what helps make our Titans Smart, Happy and Connected!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

We thought about offering you a bunch of perks to donating but we are not. When we talked to many of you, you told us you do not donate for the stuff. You donate to make a difference. You donate to show your students that education is important. You donate because you care.

Instead, we will focus on showing you how your contributions are benefiting students and teachers. We will focus on saying Thank You including a new donor reception with Principal Smith. And we look forward to seeing those EPMS magnets around town.

How Is The Money Used?

For your student. For all students. Ultimately we are all here for one goal, to provide our students with an effective and enriching middle school experience. The more funds we have the more we can do for our Titans.

A direct giving campaign keeps 100% of the money here at Elkins Pointe with...

  • 76% spent on students
  • 13% spent on teachers
  • 3% spent on engagement
  • 11% spent on PTSA operations including communication

How can I donate?

  1. Online PTSA website
  2. In person at the PTSA tables during Info Day or Curriculum Night
  3. Mail a check to:

Elkins Pointe PTSA Treasurer

11290 Elkins Rd

Roswell, GA 30076

Did You Know?

  • Elkins Pointe PTSA is a 501c3 which means all donations are tax deductible 
  • You can donate to Elkins Pointe PTSA through your company’s annual giving campaign including reoccurring payroll deductions.
  • Many companies match contributions to 501c# organizations.
  • We can help answer your questions. Email us at

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2016 - 2017 PTSA Recap

We’d like to thank you for your support this past school year. We focused on driving improvements for our key stakeholders this year: teachers/staff, students, and families. While we did not quite make our fundraising goal, we are proud of our progress in all three areas.

  • Increased membership to 650 members. Received 2 membership awards.
  • Raised $13,000 for the enrichment fund surpassing the previous year results.
  • Implemented Surprise and Delight with small “we appreciate you” gestures for teachers and staff.
  • Continued tradition of a strong Reflections program. Numerous county winners and a State Winner!
  • Implemented the Student Support Closet providing nutritious snacks for students in need during the school day. Reduced amount of money teachers were spending personally.
  • Expanded the Academic grant program to include Club mini grants broadening the reach of educational enrichment funds into more areas and more classrooms.
  • Outfitted the Courtyard (affectionately known as the Fishbowl) with furniture establishing an effective and comfortable space for outdoor teaching and collaboration

Together our Titan community accomplished great things for our teachers, staff, students, and families!

We Need You!

This is a great time to be a Titan! There is so much great work happening and there is more left to do. Help us continue the progress as we move forward into a fabulous school year.

2017—2018 Goals:

Meet our $30,000 Annual Campaign Goal in order to have the budget to allow for capital improvements and to make our students...

  • Smart: Establish four (4) new or revamped programs: Field Experience, Get Connected Night, School-wide Career Day, and Talent Expo
  • Connect: Meet our membership goal of 700 by increasing the number of families participating in events and volunteering
  • Happy: Continue to support our fabulous teachers, staff, and students with celebrations and appreciation
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To Volunteer:

  • Fill out the volunteer interest form when you join PTSA at Info Day or Curriculum Night.
  • Sign-up for a particular committee or area. Posters will be available at Info Day and Curriculum Night. Signup genius will be posted on Facebook and the PTSA website and will be in Titan Talk.
  • Contact Jackie Schwandt, VP of Family Engagement
  • Contact the VP or Committee lead responsible for an activity that interests you
  • Contact Lisa O’Hanlon Cowles, our Parent Liaison
  • Ask your Titan’s teacher if he/she has anything you could do to assist him/her.


  • Everyone who volunteers at school or on a field trip must have completed the online volunteer training.
  • This includes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends etc.
  • If you registered last year, you must renew. Look for in from Fulton County soon

Media Center Volunteers Needed!

New Volunteer position in the Media Center from 9 am - 12 pm daily. You can signup for as many days as you want; it does not have to be the same person each day. Email Jackie Schwandt at

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Shop & Earn $$$ for EPMS...

We utilize several retail programs who will give back to our school when you make purchases. We encourage all parents to take advantage of this ‘free money’ to benefit our students.

·Amazon: Make your purchases through and designate Elkins Pointe.

·Box Tops: Every box top is worth .10 cents. Just 25 Box Tops a student raises $3,000 for our school!

·Kroger: Sign up at customer service or online and designate Elkins Pointe!

·Publix Partner: You will get a card in your First Week Packet, just scan it at check-out.

·Target Visa: Will allow you to designate your school when making purchases.

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Reflections Contest

The 2017 - 2018 theme: Within Reach

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate.

All EPMS students are encouraged to participate!

Students may choose one or all of the available arts categories:

·Dance Choreography

·Film Production


·Music Composition


·Visual Arts

Order Spirit-Wear Online Here!

Check Out the NEW Designs (below) or visit our website for previous designs!

2017-2018 SPIRIT WEAR

Fridays are Spirit Days!

·1st Friday of every month...wear your College Swag!

·All other Fridays wear your Titan Spirit Wear!!

To order online:

Go to the spirit wear website:

  1. Select your favorite design by name
  2. Select your t-shirt color
  3. Enter your name, payment etc.
  4. Your order will be delivered to school to your advisement teacher

Please make sure you include your students’ name and advisement teacher


SEE US AT Info Day...Samples available!

Flexible Ordering:

  • Shirts customized: pick your design, pick your shirt style, pick your color
  • Online ordering
  • In person ordering at the open house.
  • Hard copy order forms sent home

Available Garments:

Short sleeve t-shirts, Long sleeve T-shirts, ladies style, V-neck

sweatshirts, Hooded sweatshirts, Sweatshirt jackets, etc.

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Who to Ask?

The Elkins Pointe administration, teachers, and staff are dedicated to maintaining a welcoming, engaging, safe and effective environment for the entire Titan community. Here are names and roles of staff members to which you may need to reach out.

Denise Lewis & Ainara Sorozabal, Front Office

·Welcomes our families at the front desk and fields phone calls from the main number

·Points of contact for submitting doctor’s notes, excused absence notes, and to arrange travel home with a friend on a Fulton County bus

·Provides HomeAccess information

Lisa O’Hanlon Cowles, Parent Liaison - Title I

·Focal point for Family Engagement

·Features Parent University Workshops and Parent Resource Center

·Coordinates the communication resources and tools (Facebook, “Titan Talk”, Remind text messaging…)

To Be Hired, Parent Liaison - Title III

·Supports our Latino Community as a focal point for answering questions, connecting them with resources throughout the school

·Provides translation services

Terri Dixon, Data Clerk

·Oversees student registration process

·Maintains student records in the E:school registration system including parent/guardian contact information

Libby Roude, Bookkeeper/Principal’s Secretary

·Manages school bookkeeping and purchasing

·Supports the principal in scheduling and budgeting

Susan Foetsch, Clinic Assistant

·Administers basic first aid and contacts parents as needed when a student is injured or sick

·Oversees medication administration for students who require it. Parents make arrangements and fill out required paperwork directly with the clinic

Ellen Walsh, Counseling Secretary

·Administers basic first aid and contacts parents when a student is injured or sick

Oversees medication administration for students who require it. Parents make arrangements and fill out


ADVISEMENT is the Middle school equivalent to homeroom. Advisement includes lunch and some study time.

PROOFS OF RESIDENCE are required at initial enrollment in Fulton County, entering Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades


·Students can be dropped off starting at 8 am.

·6th and 7th graders go to the gym. 8th graders go to the cafeteria.

·If a student needs to go to the media center, see a teacher, attend orchestra/band/chorus practice before school, they will need a note from their teacher to use as a hall pass.


·Carpool lane is off of Elkins Rd on the driveway closest to Highway 9. Please do not enter at the traffic light because this entrance is for buses only. Students may be dropped off as early as 8 am.

·Students will be dismissed at 4:05 pm. Do not park in the parking lot by the bus lane. That parking lot is closed from 3 - 4:30 pm

CONFERENCES are available throughout the year for all students but must be scheduled upon the request of the parent/guardian


·Students will be issued Dell Latitude laptops and computer bags.

·Laptops should be brought to school fully charged; please keep the charger at home


·Walkers and car riders are dismissed at 4:05 pm. Bus riders are dismissed at 4:10 pm

·Parents are not permitted to wait in the Atrium or school during dismissal


·If you need to check your child out early, send a note with him/her that morning. The note will be his/her approval to leave class at the time, thus eliminating the need for the front desk to call the classroom. Please meet your student in the front office.

·Unlike elementary school you do not have to send a note to change how your student goes home unless it is to ride the bus home with a friend. In the event that your child will ride home with a friend on the bus, both students MUST have a note. Bus transportation notes, need to be turned in the morning.

·No students can be checked out of school after 3:30 pm even if it is prearranged.


·Parents do not have lunch with their students

·At the discretion of the administrators, students can use their devices

·6th graders typically sit in tables by their advisement

STUDENT SAFETY is always a priority

.Remember all doors will remain locked during the school day

·All visitors must ring the bell on the camera pad to the right of the front door. If prompted, display id (driver's license), state name and business. All visitors should report to the front office

·All volunteers are required to take online volunteer training through Fulton County and check in on the computer when arriving at school. Please allow a week between taking the training and volunteering for the first time


·Students must be in their classroom by 8:40.

·The best way to guarantee your student is not tardy? Have him or her ride the bus. Bus riders will never be marked tardy.

·If your student is late, please come into the building with him/her to sign him/her in.

EPMS Student Travel Excuse Procedure:

In order to have a planned absence considered for approval, a letter from the parent must be submitted to the Principal at least 5 days prior to the planned absence.

·The Principal will review and advise whether the request is approved or not.

·Please review your child’s attendance record first. Approved absences are limited to six per year. If your child has missed 10 or more total days of school this year, you may be asked to provide medical notes for additional absences to be considered excused (in accordance with Fulton County's attendance policy).

·Please do your best to avoid missing class, please consider scheduling your family travel/vacation to coincide with school breaks

·Thank you for your assistance in keeping your student in class for instruction


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School Governance Council (SGC)


Facilitate student achievement via the partnership of Fulton County, the administration, parents, and community


·School strategic plan

·School budget approval

·Request for flexibility processes

Support SGC by:

·Reading the communications

·Staying engaged, participate on a committee, support your teachers

Have Inputs or Ideas?

Contact your School Governance Parent Representatives: School Governance

SGC website can be found under the About menu on the Elkins Pointe website

Parent Teacher & Student Association (PTSA)


Support and facilitate student enrichment, staff support, and family engagement


·Programs and events

·Volunteer coordination

Support PTA by:

·Joining as a member

·Donating to the enrichment fund. Leverage corporate matching

Becoming a volunteer


Big image

Events & Functions Throughout the Year:

6th Grade Party

Ticketed after-school party with food and music

7th Grade Party

Ticketed after-school party with food and music

8th Grade Dance

Ticketed evening dance with food, music, and decor

8th Grade Promotion Luncheon

Arrange a catered meal for students and staff after the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony.

Battle of the Titans (BOTT)

BOTT is just another word for field day. This committee works with the coaches to provide volunteer support/water stations for a day of outdoor activities, held annually on the school grounds in the Spring.

Bilingual Liaisons

This group will help bridge the gap between parents and their children’s school by providing support to non-English speaking or ESOL families.

Box Tops

Encourage students and families to collect and donate designated items. Set up and maintain a collection site for these items at school. Gather all items, prepare as necessary, and forward to the appropriate corporation within set deadlines

Business Partner

Develop and maintain a reputation with local businesses for providing donations throughout the year for various PTSA activities/events

Career Day

This committee manages a budget and is responsible for organizing events for teacher appreciation week. Local businesses and parents are the main contributors of the food and gifts.

Classroom Volunteers

Newer initiative to encourage classroom participation. Support includes reading with students. Responsibilities: Soliciting volunteers, work to establish a volunteer base, could be something like a partnership with a group of retired teachers,etc..

Dads Club

This committee is to encourage, strengthen and support the efforts of male involvement in the education of children. Plan and coordinate events throughout the year.


Work with the data clerk to publish searchable pdf of PTA members and contact information.

Honor Roll Breakfasts

Breakfast held for any student making honor roll first semester and their parents. Principal gives out certificates. 6th, 7th and 8th grade each have a separate morning. Responsibilities: Shopping, invitations, serving, cleanup


Assists with "Rising 6th Grade Tour" by providing cookies and lemonade, coffees, breakfasts, luncheons, etc.

International Night

A schoolwide event hosted by the World Language department. PTSA helps with arranging food and volunteers. Responsibilities: "Publicity and signup genius for parents to bring food; Calls to business partners for food donations

Marquee and Electronic Boards Updates

Group of parents or students who maintain the marquee to communicate reminders about key school events and deadlines. Work with VP of Communications to set strategy.


The committee develops the membership theme, incentives, works with the business partner leads to determine discounts.


Group of parents or students who take pictures at events for use by the school for publicity and communication including yearbook, web- site, etc. Responsibilities: "Work with VP of Comms to agree on strategy. Comply with school privacy/release policy

Red Ribbon Week

This committee manages a budget and is responsible for organizing events for students during Red Ribbon Week. It is celebrated in October each year.


Annual creativity competition: writing, visual arts, photography, dance, choreography. Responsibilities: Publicizing the contest to teach- ers and students; Arranging judges; Displaying artwork; Reception for the winners; Submitting winners to North Fulton


Remind allows parents to subscribe and get text message reminders about key school events and deadlines; "Work with the VP of Communications to agree on strategy. Read the PTSA minutes and calendar. Send the texts

Rising 6th Grade Cookies

This committee manages a budget and is responsible for recruiting volunteers and providing food for rising 6th graders. The committee chair will work closely with the guidance counselors.

School Store

This committee manages a budget and oversees the School Store, including inventory, volunteers, sales, and ordering, schedule and train volunteers to work School Store hours. The school store is open Monday-Friday from 7:50-8:40 AM.

Scoliosis Screening

This committee recruits volunteers to conduct state-mandated scoliosis screening each spring. Volunteers are needed to register students as well as conduct the tests. One day training is required. Screening usually lasts one day.

Spirit Nights

Plan and coordinate Spirit Nights. Spirit Nights are outings where teachers and students and their families get together outside of school. The host donates typically donates a % of the proceeds back


This committee manages a budget and organizes the sales of Titan spirit wear. Develop design, contract printing, order, sell, control inventory and distribute orders.

Staff "Surprise & Delights"

Plan and oversee simple acts of kindness for staff appreciation throughout the year. Could help with some or all of activities. Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week.
This committee manages a budget and is responsible for organizing events for teacher appreciation week. Local businesses and parents are the main contributors of the food and gifts.

Student Membership

Help grow student involvement with the PTSA. Coordinate student PTSA events throughout the year to ensure student members plan an active role in the PTSA

Student Support Closet

Plan and promote donations for the student support closet to provide food and other necessities for students in need.

Teacher & Professional of the Year

This committee manages a budget and is responsible for organizing breakfast for the teacher and staff member of the year. Local businesses and parents are the main contributors of the food and gifts.

Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for collecting the input from the EPMS Volunteer Opportunities Form and distributing that information to appropriate PTSA committee chairs. This chair may also track volunteer hours

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