Passover~The Jewish Celebration

by Gracie, Kyle, Alejandra

~When Passover is Celebrated and Why~

April 23rd is the first day of Passover. Passover lasts 7 days. The final day of Passover is April 30th. The holiday is a commemoration of their liberation of slavery from God in Egypt and their freedom as a nation with Moses as their second lord and savior besides God.
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~How They Celebrate the Holiday~

They do not work, go to school, or do business. They have a big family dinner on the night of April 23rd. They do not travel because they might not find suitable food to eat. They do not eat food known as Chametz, which includes wheat, oats, rye, barley, and spelt products.

~Other Interesting Facts~

1. They dipped parsley in saltwater to symbolize the tears of other Jews during slavery.

2. The Persian Jewish community have a tradition of whipping each other with scallions.

3. Abraham Lincoln was actually assassinated during Passover.