Grace Paley: The Collected Stories

By: Roberto Hernandez, Date: 12/1/15, Period: 8.2

Later The Same Day

This story's main idea is listening to someone because in this story people learn to listen to each other, and to love on another as well.

Information That I Learned

I learened from this story that listening to another person can make them feel better. It all starts by you being active in listening to understand what they have say. The important ties of love, faith, and language makes a community.

My rate system is by fraction like 5/10, I gibe this book 9/10

Text Features

This story uses a table of contents, italics, elipsis, and a hyphen.

Personal Reaction

I felt very moved during my reading the details made me feel like I was there, it also made my heart drop at some points in the story.
I want you guys to read this book as well if it moves you as it moved me then I feel happy for you. It talked a little about racism but that problem will get resolved. Most of the people she talks to had a shattered life that will make your feelings move, and it has a couple of homeless people involved too. The people have stories and lessons that will teach you a lot , some you might know but others maybe.