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4 Foods That Work As Appetite Suppressants

The quest for losing weight has taken a new turn with scientists having found out that a person can lose weight while still eating. Actually, those foods are certain appetite suppressants that reduce the hunger of a person and so he/she will shed off fat naturally.

These 4 foods are very common and they are also very cheap. In fact there is one that does not cost a penny.

  • Water – this is the very basic appetite suppressant that does not cost a single dime. When we drink more water than what is required we suppress our desire to eat more. There are times when we tend to feel hungry though we have eaten. At those times a glass of water will kill the hunger. Also, a glass of water before each meal will reduce the food intake and thereby calories.
  • Leafy vegetables – there are certain vegetables like cabbages, spinach, lettuce etc that have the tendency to suppress the hunger. If these are taken as salads then the brain will feel that hunger has been fulfilled and the person will cease eating. They provide a combined calorie count of just about 100 calories and in addition to that they take up a lot of calories to burn.
  • Apples – apples are generally very good natural suppressants as they contain just about 100 calories. The fibers in them provide a sense of fulfillment. The person will thus lose any desire of further eating. Like this, Hoodia diet pills are also natural appetite suppressants and they also kill of the hunger.
  • Pickles – organic pickles are very good natural appetite suppressants and they a miserly 100 calories. The commercial pickles are also good but they have sugar that adds up to the calorie intake. There are also artificial colors that might be detrimental to the health.

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