King Creon

Ruler of Thebes!


I am the king, and these people are my minions. Listen to my orders and this land will prosper in piece. Go against my rules and recieve your punishment like Antigone. I was severely heartbroken when i lost my beloved wife Eurydice. It must of been fate because then i found the my current lover Tony Romo in acme bagging my groceries. Since we both have a history of making poor decisions we instantly clicked.


9/13 - As sad as times can get i have to keep my head held high. Can't look back and moarn over the past because that'll only make me weak. Rest in peace fam!

9/3- I Will not let the public influence my thoughts. For one, theyre not as smart as me and two, how can you build a strong empire without keeping the people in control?

8/27- If anyone has any information or tips to who buried the body of Polyneices let me know and you will be rewarded!

Friends with..

- Sentry




White Witch of Narnia- Hey Creon, i respect that your confident in yourself and your thought process but that could lead you downhill quickly if you dont keep an open mind for new ideas. I made bad mistakes too because of just being stubborn and wanting to be right but they only lead to my downfall.

Macbeth- Being a king is all about keeping power and leading your city to success for the peoples sake.. But if the people of the city don't like your decisions then they wont have your back. How strong is your city if the people dispise their leader? Think wisely about being too strict.