Kindergarten News.

April 6th

Hopefully, Spring has arrived with some beautiful blossoms on the trees starting to appear. Weather is changeable so please send in a jacket or raincoat. The playground is often cool at morning recess!

Another super week of learning. The children are happy and comfortable in school.

This week was a short week but the children completed all their work.

Work has continued as always with math, story writing, science and social studies. The class continues to work on conflict resolution skills. Always remember there are two sides to any story and please do not judge any child as it could be your own child. BFS is a safe place to learn and grow.

Math work. Measurement has been introduced by measuring objects using non-standard items. The children are having a lot of fun and really enjoyed learning about measurement. This topic will continue by measuring objects using non-standard measurements and then measuring using inches.

Time has also been introduced and they are learning to both tell the time by hours using an anolog clock and counting the minutes of the hour by 5's. This is a difficult concept to learn.

Language Arts.

Please encourage your child to read. They all have their files and books this weekend so I would encourage you to listen to your child. Please send these files and books back on Monday! The children wrote cards to the 5th grade thanking them for presenting their work in the History fair. In their science books they wrote about signs of spring after the field trip going to Honey Hollow.


The concept of sink and float was discovered through a hands-on science experiment. In addition, discovering the signs of spring has been exciting particularly holding insects, seeing a deer skeleton and learning about different plants during the trip to Honey Hollow. On the trip the children took some of the pictures using an I-pad.

Visitors to the classroom.

Kim and Randy came in and taught the children how to decorate flower pots. The children will plant seeds and will bring these home for you to enjoy.

Irina came to share her knowledge and culture of Russia. The children made Kokoshnik hats.


Ben and Leah have celebrated their birthdays. They loved to walk their birthday time lines.


This week was the 5th grade history fair.

Important dates.

Tuesday 10th April Trip to the Philadelphia art museum. Please send snack, lunch and drink in lunch boxes. No heat-ups! The children who get pizza will be able to eat it when they return from the trip.

Please send the children in sneakers as they have to do a lot of walking.

The children will travel by bus and will be dropped off at the museum's educational entrance. We will always be a whole group. A teacher from the Art Museum will be our docent and give them a lesson on "Art Around the World". After eating lunch in the lunch room the children will play a game in the art galleries that we, as teachers will organize. They will always be with us.

This is a wonderful growing trip in so many ways.

Saturday 14th April at 2:00 pm. A free concert by Benjamin Weiner BFS'03. This is a concert not to be missed. The children will love it!

THURSDAY 19TH April : Lower school parenting night. Please let us know if you can come and if you need child care.

Saturday 21st April. Spring Frolic. Please come and join the community to help the grounds look nice.

Thursday 26th April. One book one community at 6:00pm.

May 9th Bike assembly. The children need bikes, with or without training wheels. Helmets are a must. More about this later.

May 11th Grand friends Morning. If the children's Grand friend has not received an invitation to this event please contact the office.

More dates to come for May later.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Happy days.