Kindergarten News.

April 13th

Spring has arrived with beautiful blossoms on the trees. Weather is changeable so please send in a jacket or raincoat. The playground is often cool at morning recess!

Another super week of learning. The children are happy and comfortable in school.

This week was a short week but the children completed all their work.

Work has continued as always with math, story writing, science and social studies. The class continues to work on conflict resolution skills. Always remember there are two sides to any story and please do not judge any child as it could be your own child. BFS is a safe place to learn and grow.

Math work. Measurement has been introduced by measuring objects using non-standard items. You will see in the pictures that the children even measured themselves against non-standard items. They had so much fun and really enjoyed learning about measurement. This topic will continue by measuring objects in inches.

Language Arts.

Please encourage your child to read. They all have their files and books this weekend so I would encourage you to listen to your child. Please send in files and books on Monday or Tuesday for next week. The children wrote lovely stories about spring after going for a walk and discovering spring. There are cards in their purple pockets which the children made for you. Please enjoy them! Last week Tiffany came to read to the children and this week Danielle came into the classroom. The children love stories!


The children planted seeds and now they have to look after them and watch them grow.


Cindy and Taneisha came in on Wednesday afternoon to cook with the children. They made strawberry bread which they enjoyed.


This week Asher M. and Abbey have celebrated their birthdays. They love to walk their birthday time line.


A terrific assembly was enjoyed by us all as the children from middle and upper school shared their talents: from playing the piano, violin and cello to singing and showing us tricks using a yo-yo.

Important dates.

The JEM visitors from Russia and India will arrive on Thursday night. The lower school children will be introduced to the visiting student on Friday 21st April during an assembly. Monday 24th April the visiting students will come to lower school so we can learn a little about their cultures.

On Wednesday 26th April the children will join a yoga class with the visitors. In the afternoon at 12:50 their will be a Cultural Assembly. If you would like to join us in the assembly you are welcome. It will be in the auditorium.

A wonderful experience for all.

Friday May 5th Trip to Honey Hollow.

Wednesday 10th Bike assembly Children in K need their bikes. More about this later.

Wednesday 10th May Trip to the keswick theater with all the lower school.

Friday 12th May. Grandparents Day. Really the morning from 9:00 to 1:00 pm. More about this later.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Happy days.