Elephant Enclosure at Brookfield

To bring Elephants to Brookfield Zoo

Welcome to Brookfield Zoo. We will be presenting a plan to bring the elephants to our home. This will be our plan....

How Existing Space Will be Adapted.

- We will be moving our Elephants to (C,3)

- Our indoor space will be 4,000 ft. in total

- Our outdoor space will be 7,500 ft. in total

- Our indoor and outdoor will be connected.

What Will be in the Elephants Cage.

- Mud pit 500 sq. ft.

- 4 trees are outside and 2 trees inside.

- Water fall 750 sq. ft.

- Natural green grass.

Our Care we Will Apply for our Elephants

- Check up on our elephants every other day.

- Clean the cage every other day when elephant is getting check up.

- Make sure they have what they need.

- Make sure they get their antidote.

Tools to Help the Elephant.

- Waste shovel.

- Spray to keep bugs away.

Food or Liquid for the Elephant.

- Water.

- Hay.

- Green foods.

- Fruits and vegetables.

Our Elephants we Will Have.

- Asian elephant

- 1 male elephant and 1 female elephant.