Miguel Edition


I hope you are all doing great, and if you are not, give me a call! :) I write this newsletter at the end of my proxy term, i've had two unimaginable weeks so far, which are leading me to a new beginning. What I want to tell you is my story regarding the past two weeks, we are story makers thus we become story tellers at the same time:

This story begins a little bit before Monday, when I received the news: Miguel, you are gonna be proxy. To be honest, I didn't feel prepared to be proxy, I felt a lot of responsibility under my shoulders and I was on denial. However I had a talk with an amazing person: Mariana. I put myself together and I faced the challenge.

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I made a self-commitment of coming to the office and making the most out of this experience. Selene (MCVP TXP) was my buddy and Daniel Palacios (MCVP AD) was my support between a bunch of people who didn't even know me. Then things started to flow, I tried to get involved into what was happening in the national network, I got to know Natalia Pachón (MCVP CBD) and Mayteck Arenas (MCVP PR) and we started working together in a couple of projects. I got to know Sabino (MCVP Digital MKT) and we settled up some things to make a better understanding between iGCDP and MKT. I also got to know Pilar Moguel (MCVP FNZ) and helped her with a couple of things, in short I got to know many people, AMAZING PEOPLE each and every one of them.

I realized many things, one of them: I was enjoying the experience so SO much that whenever someone asked how was I doing I couldn't reply anything but: I am SUPER HAPPY. But not everything was perfect. On the other hand, I felt a little frustrated because I also realized a very important fact: we are missing a lot of opportunities.

What the hell do you mean, Miguel?

What I mean is this:

  • We need to close a cooperation and know which projects are run by which LC and we lack the information.
  • We need to apply for a project and we need information of LCs realities and we lack the information
  • We have the opportunity to apply to a prize and the missing information comes from our program.

I am also VP and I understand this both ways: sometimes we concentrate in trying to make things happen and we lose track of filling in a survey, signing agreements with our TN Takers, using podio for National Projects, and more. But now I also get it the other way around: This information is SUPER IMPORTANT to make BIGGER THINGS HAPPEN.

And this was my biggest highlight in my time here as MCVP proxy: Cooperating with our national entity will allow us to GROW DISRUPTIVELY.

So, are we gonna take the chance or miss it?

Sales SOS

Now coming back to what has being happening, we had some sessions about sales: we recorded them for you to use them, share them with your team and start closing sales. Remember this month is vital for closing sales and uploading TNs to start matching for december ASAP.

Ernesto: Team Management


Angie, Estefanía and Pedro: Sales



Regarding the picture about opportunities in Mexico that colombians are promoting this is what happened. We are trying to boost the Mexilombia project, Colombia packaged a promotion for colombian EPs to come to Mexico for a reduced prize, so how did they do it? They bought massively flights and insurances, thus reducing prices for them and making more attractive (and cheap) for their EPs to take a GCDP in Mexico. The thing is this: 200 colombians will arrive to Mexico City between the last week of November and the first one of December for projects inside D.F. and its surroundings. This is the first step in order to make Mexilombia grow massively. If everything goes smooth in this peak, we can make this project grow in all LCs and create more amazing experiences inside our network. For this we also need to prepare enough supply, thus, develop more projects focused on what our country really needs.
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Remember everything we do for audits, open opportunities, and more, we need to upload it to podio via our podio account. There are no more links, we need to use podio more efficiently and with #NoExcuses because of the links. If you need the MC to open you opportunities, upload them to podio. If you need to do the monthly audit, go to podio. If you need to apply for national projects, go to podio. We will be having some changes in our space, but we will tell you when time comes.
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Monthly Audit

I hope you all uploaded your audit. Monthly audit DDL was yesterday, wait for the output from our MCB Government Tony García. However we are gonna change the podio space soon, we want to make it easier to keep track of our opportunities, we will tell you about this soon, stay tuned!


Congrats to Alexa Vizcarra! For closing more than 30 TNs for a Social StartUp in Sinaloa. If you want to learn how to do the same, just have a little chat with her, I am sure she can give you tips.
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Last but not least...

I just want to finish this newsletter with a little insight...

I totally enjoyed this last week as MCVP proxy, I tried to help you guys as much as I could, I had the chance to be a little more in touch with some of you, and I even had the chance to talk with a couple of your LCPs. I know some of us have problems, trainees complaining, EB problems, exams, lack of sustain for our projects, troubles with members, many things. But consider one single fact: This is OUR YEAR. This is the first, last, one and only year we have as VPs iGCDP in our LC. What do we want to see when we look back? How do we see ourselves on January 1st? How do we want to see our area when we have to pass the baton to the VP 2016? This is not over yet. We still have A TON of TN Takers, members, families and trainees to deliver the best experience to. We need to hurry up and close sales, match, and get everything prepared for december, for january, for our legacy, for our committee, for our country, for ourselves and for everyone who surrounds us. We are not alone in this, we are all together, TMPs, TLPs, VPs, NSTs, MCBs, MCVPs. All it takes is a phone call, a whatsapp message, an email or a visit to make things happen. But we have to make it happen today, because there is no more room for tomorrow.

I leave you here with a video that I loved, probably some of you already saw it cause it was shown at Everest however I hadn't seen it cause I was not there. For me, it simplifies what our program me is: simple actions which become powerful stories to provide positive impact to our society. And again, this actions must be done TODAY.


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Thanks for allowing me have the best MCVP proxy experience EVER

Miguel Perea

I leave you again with Mariana, our lovely MCVP iGCDP.