POHW & after


1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the end. She is happy to be a part of the Regans family.

Quote: Steven rubbed my shoulders like he knew I was cold. page 158

2) Hollis is toughness

Hollis cry's because Josie gives her the huge painting of her, so she's not tough.

Qoute: Tears burned in my eyes. page 140

3) Josie's Weirdness

END: Hollis liked her because she turned out to not be crazy she was cool.

Quote: We always made almond cookies. page 157

4) Josie memory loss

In the end, Josie's memory loss got really bad.

Quote: Hollis was leaving? page 66

5) Steven vs old man

End: They stopped fighting as much as they did in the beginning of the book.

Quote: The old man leans over to pat Steven shoulder. page 164


End: the truck is totaled and destroyed from Steven and Hollis.

Quote: A screeching metal tearing as if the truck were screaming. page 133

7) Josie vs Beatrice

Josie misses Beatrice so she feels more home sick even more.

Quote: Josie wants to come home. page 161