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A thriller as it is, Nanberry is a book perfect for any occasion. But better have quick feet or they'll clear out! While others read dull tales or boring information books, 'Nanberry: Black Brother White' is a novel that includes both these qualities. Best of all, this is and will be appealing to all ages and is an intriguing, gripping book that will earn its place in everyone's memory.
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Another reason to read this amazing novel is that 'Nanberry" is appealing to all ages. People of all ages can comprehend and enjoy this outstanding tale. The use of words is suitable for people between the age of 9-12 and its story (which is 'readable' for all ages) will leave you on the edge of your seat and this absolutely awesome novel has also received an "The Children's Book Council of Australia: Honour Book" award. For example, Mrs Doyle and the whole class loved the book because of the way Jackie French 'altered' the information of Australian colonisation.