When I was growing up I was deadly afraid of zombies I personally don't like them anymore but I lived a very sheltered life so I didn't build up an immunity to scary things. You see I used to have dreams about these undead creatures and my most reoccurring dream was terrifying at least to me. I wake up from my bed I go and walk to the kitchen to go get some food from the refrigerator. I open the door and pull out some food as I’m eating I hear my neighbors screaming next door. I run from the kitchen all around the house locking doors and windows then I get to the front of the house. I look out the window and I see nothing wrong so I run to the side of the house and I see a group of bloody people circled around something eating something. I look down and see a hand on the ground and let out a little gasp as sweat starts dripping down my back. I turn to run back into my house but I trip the noise from my fall make the group turn and look at me. I get up and run as fast as I can back into my house and lock the door run up to my parents room and tap on my dad’s shoulder. To see him turn around turning into a zombie and then he attacks me and I wake up sweating praying that it was a dream.

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