7 WOD Performance Activators

Become Fitter, Faster, Stronger WOD Athlete

Expert Nutrition Report For WOD Athletes By Justin Lord

Training out of Camberly in the UK, Justin Lord has gone from a Green Beret Royal Marines Commando to strength & conditioning coach, nutritionist and health and fitness expert for the likes of This Morning, Live With Gabby, Men’s Health, FHM & The Daily Mail Online. He grew up with good health and nutrition habits given to him from his parents who were both on the health foods scene in the early 60s and 70s. But Justin is always up to date, delivering quality, proven strategies to help you transform your body in super-quick time.

Justin is creator of Paleo In A Box, a new transformational system for WOD athletes. Click here.

Let's Transform Your Crossfit Workouts & Bodyshape With Awesome Nutrition

Welcome to the 7 WOD Performance Activators.

Whether you’re new to WODing and Paleo or have been for following for years, I’m sure that you’ll find this special report valuable with some simple action steps that you can put into place today to make you fitter, stronger, faster and leaner.

In my experience with the many athletes I’ve coached and continue to teach, I notice a common trend of mistakes when it comes to nutrition; and given that nutrition is the foundation to your WOD performance and ultimately body shape it’s important that we take it seriously.

Be careful as there’s a lot of misinformation out there. It’s my aim to help you gain the right knowledge through this report, my blog posts and my popular training system Paleo In A Box, which has been specifically developed for the WOD athlete who wants to take themselves to the next level.

My aim is to provide you with some great value from this report, where I break down some important WOD Performance Activators.

Just like the community is so brilliant at supporting one another, I’d like you to support your friends by passing this report to anyone you think would benefit.

Remember though these activators are 100% useless you activate them. Combined, they work brilliantly together - you will see results.

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Enjoy the report.

Justin Lord
Master Trainer
Paleo In A Box

1: Stop Drinking This Common Drink Post WOD

Starbucks addict?

So, today was your hardest WOD ever (or so it seems), you put your all into every exercise and every set. Ever stopped to think about what effect that had on your body? Of course not, apart from the fact that you worked so hard that you can only do better right?

Well, to an extent, but what you do for the other 23 hours of the day has a MASSIVE impact on your performance, particularly post-workout. You see, if you’re a caffeine drinker (coffee, tea or even one of those ‘pick-me-up drinks), the absolute worst thing you can do is to drink caffeine post workout!

When you work so hard during your WOD you increase your levels of Cortisol; a stress hormone. Now this isn’t so bad if handled in the correct way, post workout. By drinking caffeine after your workout you simply add to these already high levels of Cortisol and begin to reverse all of the good things you did to your body by exercising in the first place!

If you worked hard enough during your WOD you shouldn’t need to wake yourself up!

2. Food Rotation & Digestion

Because There's Life Beyond Chickens...

You’re wasting your time and money! Harsh? Nope! Remember I’m here to help.

You might enjoy your WODs, don’t we all. But wouldn’t it be nice to be a bit leaner and almost guarantee an improvement in performance time and time again?

You could be spending hundreds of pounds on organic foods and the latest performance enhancing supplements but if you can’t absorb them then it’s all destined for the toilet I’m afraid!

Let’s put it another way. I spend countless hours responding to emails of the greatest detail. These guys are telling me the innermost working of their current diet (performance or otherwise). Their detail is incredible. Salt intake, water intake, grams of carbs, grams of protein, vegetables they avoid… EVERTHING! BUT, they’re stuck with both their performance and physique results. They feel sluggish, depressed, down and can’t work out why they’re not ‘ripped’. At first glance and on the face of it, they should be getting great results, they’ve tweeked alot.

What they’re expecting in a reply is for me to maybe cut water, do a simple swaprom cauliflower to broccoli or maybe even swap their brand of protein powder. NOT SO. The simple and effective solution is to sort out and repair the GUT!

How can anyone expect to perform at their best or have that ripped physique if they can’t actually absorb the food they put into their body, the very tools to build, repair and performance enhance! Ever wonder why so many guys turn to steroid use in desperation for results?

In simple terms, you could have the best diet in the world and take a vast array of the best supplements, but if you can’t absorb it, you’re throwing money away!

By fixing many peoples’ digestive disorders (unfortunately most of us have problems and don’t even know it, through stress, deadlines, poor sleep, dehydration, too many carbs and sugar and much much more) I have personally witnessed decreases in body fat, improvements in health, surges in strength, sudden muscle growth AND skin so radiant they begin to glow! All these benefits from one simple step! So, how do YOU get all this?

Step 1
STOP eating chicken salad after chicken salad. One of the most common mistakes of people eating a ‘paleo’ diet or healthy eating regime!

Rotate your foods as much as possible, particularly animal proteins. Make a plan for the week and plan out what meat you’ll be eating that day. For instance:

Monday: Beef
Tuesday: Chicken
Wednesday: lamb
Thursday: Pork
Friday: Venison
Saturday: Oily Fish
Sunday: Turkey

Not rotating your foods can cause allergies and intolerances!

Step 2
Take HCL (hydrochloric acid) and digestive enzymes.
Stress (as indicated above) knocks down our own production of HCL so be sure to take a couple with your food and if you feel a warm feeling through your digestive tract 10-15 mins after your meal then you’re less stressed and starting to produce your own HCL. It’s wise to add in some digestive enzymes too at this stage. For more on this check out this post… http://www.paleodietinabox.com/crossfit-nutrition/hcl-supplement/

Step 3
Add in a prebiotics and probiotics formula at the end of every day.

Step 4
Begin to repair your gut by supplementing with ‘Glutamine’ Post workout (this will also help with recovery from your WOD).

3: Turn Up Your Alkalinity = You Faster & Stronger

Yes It's Green... Drink It!

Do you ever get...

  • Lack of energy?
  • Tiredness?
  • Poor performance?
  • Fatigue?
  • Stubborn fat loss?
  • Low body temp?
  • Frequent colds?
  • Stomach acid?
  • Aches pains?
  • Sugar cravings?

These are all signs of an imbalance in the body!

So, what causes it? Unfortunately, it’s our acidic lifestyles and too much acidic foods without any regard to balancing this out. And why don’t we balance it out? Because nobody knows about it!

Hardcore WOD’s, lack of green leafy vegetables (alkaline producing foods) and too much meat, eggs, milk, sugar, flour (acid producing foods), inability to react to stressful situations calmly all increase the acidity of the blood creating an environment conducive to poor feelings of wellbeing, disease and poor performance and basically not being able to do your best.

We all know about how your body strives to maintain a level core temperature but a little known scale that your body strives to maintain a certain point on is the PH scale. A scale that runs from 1-14 (1 being highly acidic and 14 being highly alkaline) and your body is trying to maintain 7.365, SLIGHTLY ALKALINE.

As your blood begins to creep below that figure your blood becomes thick, sludgy and slow. If your blood is thick, sludgy and slow, you will be too! Performance goes out of the window! Add to that the fact that disease thrives in this acidic environment!

How does the body compensate for this? It tries to balance this acidity with its own stores of alkaline minerals, in particular, by drawing it from BONE! Anybody for osteoporosis?

How do you combat this?



#3 ENSURE YOU’RE NOT OVER EXERCISING (for optimum performance you need some rest days...I know, I know, I hate it too!)





4: Your Perfect Hydration Level

Are You Getting Enough Of The Clear Stuff?

Want strength? Then drink up! All the research shows that the more you drink that harder and longer you can train.

Not to mention fat loss. A hydrated liver is an efficient one and the liver is a highly important organ involved in the fat burning process!

Research also indicates that dehydration causes cardiovascular stress and decrease in muscular metabolism. How are those muscle-ups coming on?

Think you can hydrate with a sports drink? Think again. They’re loaded with sugar and undecipherable ingredients that will REDUCE your performance, stop you releasing fat for fuel and actually get you storing MORE.

So, how much is enough? Studies show that 5 glasses over 2 glasses per day of water (get yourself a filter) reduces your risk of heart disease by 54% but that’s still not enough. Shoot for 39ml/kg of body weight and watch your WOD times come down!

5: How To Optimize Your Post Workout Nutrition

Get This Wrong & Your Recovery + Future WODs Will Suffer

This sport is responsible for numerous benefits including health and aesthetics and while yoga or similar activities affect our hormones in a positive way providing balance and reducing Cortisol (stress hormone produced by the zona fasciculata in the adrenal glands) levels, WODs, for all the good they provide, is a considerable physiological stressor most interestingly in the form of muscle micro-damage (micro tears) and glycogen depletion (carbohydrates stored in the muscle and liver) which isn’t a bad thing since it means that the exercise has produced a stimulus to change or adapt to the stress forced upon it. This promotes lean tissue growth and improvements in strength or aerobic capacity depending on the type of session undertaken. In other words, our WOD times will come down.

However, this is only one side of the coin. Let me put this simply. Leaving your body to undertake this task of ‘rebuild’ on its own without the tools it needs to do so can be likened to you having planning permission in place to build a house, a builder recruited to do the work but leaving him without the raw materials; the bricks, to even start the job. This is how important post exercise nutrition is to your WOD lifestyle to enable you to reach your fullest potential.

So, since you’ve broken your muscle down, depleted glycogen and stimulated the immune system to clear up the mess it makes sense that our post workout nutrition should comprise predominantly these two macro nutrients.

So I should just eat a steak and a potato right?

No. Firstly, when we exercise intensely we increase production of adrenaline which satisfies a low blood sugar in itself thus reducing appetite making a solid meal less desirable for many of us after a session. Add to this the fact that we need to deliver the post exercise nutrients as quickly as possible; whole foods take just too long to break down. Our ‘window of opportunity’ is gradually diminished the longer we leave it before having our post workout nutrition, therefore if a whole foods meal can deliver its nutrients to where it’s needed some 2-3 hours after its eaten then proper glycogen repletion and protein repair will be severely diminished.

Enter liquid nutrition. If ingested immediately post workout, the nutrients can reach the muscle around 30-60 minutes later! The faster the nutrients reach the muscle, the better your chances of building and repair so it makes sense to choose a protein which is absorbed quickly and effectively and the same goes for the carbohydrates.

My choices of liquid protein (powder) would be whey protein isolates and hydrolysates and my choice of carbohydrate would be maltodextrin for the reasons stated above.

The next question is how much of each. This will always be up for debate with individuals and with individuals in different sporting arenas but I will come from the standpoint of my experience, optimal recovery and repair while being sensitive to maintaining a lean physique and preventing any carbs being stored as fat. Therefore I recommend a liquid meal immediately post workout of:

  • 0.8g of carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight
  • 0.4g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight

You’ll notice a 2;1 ratio. So for an 80 kg individual you would have 64g of carbohydrates and 32g of protein already prepared and weighed the night before or in the morning in a shaker ready to mix with water immediately post WOD. I prefer to buy my whey protein isolate and maltodextrin to ensure i get the correct ratio and weight specific to me.

Following your post workout shake I recommend that you have a prepared (if you’re out and about) whole foods meal ready for you to eat around 90 minutes later consisting of lean protein, vegetables and fat.

The post workout solutions I’ve given you, forms part of an all-round good nutrition plan. They will help you move closer to your performance goals but there’s 23 hours left in the day in which things can go really well or horribly wrong! So remember not to isolate the information and hypothesise that this will completely turn your recovery around. Remember that good, whole foods nutrition, sleep, recovery, getting outside and stress reduction all play their part. This information will help but it’s only one piece of the performance puzzle.

I have used bodyweight instead of Lean Body Mass (LBM) to keep it simple for most users and suggest that no fat is added at this time since fat will only slow the breakdown and increase the time it takes for the nutrients to reach the desired location.

To take this further you may want to have some blueberries or other high antioxidant fruit available to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, but only have these handy to eat after the protein/carb post workout shake has been digested around 60 minutes later.

There's a lot more about Pre/Post workout nutrition covered in a special module in the Paleo In A Box System. Click here for more details.

6: Start Cooking With & Consuming This Super Oil

I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of...

There’s only two oils in my cupboard. The first is extra virgin olive oil (don’t cook with it) and the second is coconut oil. I want to tell you about coconut oil.

The benefits of this ‘wonder oil’ include Heart Health, improved Immune system, Glowing skin, Healthy thyroid, decreased cholesterol, Increased metabolism, Increased fat loss and reduced waist size due to its ability impact upon visceral fat the fat around your organs BUT, here’s the golden nugget...

How would you like to have all the fat loss benefits above AND have improved performance through increased energy WITHOUT the insulin spike that comes with high sugar drinks, pasta, bread, banana’s and such like with the subsequent crash in energy levels and then a sudden desire to reach for another high sugar snack to bring you back up? Well, YOU CAN!

Just by cutting out the sugar and starches and cooking (or even eating it right off the spoon) with this perfect oil the fat will be used directly by the liver as energy. That’s right, NONE is stored as fat!

The secret is in the ‘medium chain’ molecule (MCT’s) and its high content of ‘Lauric Acid’. Oh, and did I mention you can use it as a moisturiser? Just don’t go licking your face, people will stare!

For more on this check out my video blog here http://www.paleodietinabox.com/crossfit-nutrition/coconut-oil/

7: Lacking Of Planning & Preparation = Piss Poor Performance

Grab Yourself A Lunch Box

A level blood sugar level is crucial in the battle against stress, fat gain and those high WOD times and it also prevents you reaching for those high sugar and starchy snacks which have you dragging your arms to your box closely followed by a ‘pick-me-up’.

The key is to plan and prepare. Prepare a lunch box for your next day the night before and graze on it throughout, from breakfast to evening meal.

Sling in some veggies, some protein and flavour that bad boy up, click the lid (don’t forget a fork) and away you go. Level blood sugar, increased energy, vibrancy and no need to head to the pub at lunchtime and you’ve also got something ready to eat 90 minutes after your session (optimum time to eat a solid meal).

BONUS: Ignore These 5 Silly Paleo Myths If You’re Serious About Performance…

Recently I’ve been emailing and talking to athletes who are very confused about Paleo and and how to adapt it to suit their lifestyles and ensure that it’s providing them suitable levels of performance. Of course, Paleo In A Box is the complete nutrition system to help you better understand how to enhance your workouts, get lean and boost your health, but I wanted to expel some of the big myths today. I’d really enjoy reading your comments on this one…

Let’s get started with…

Myth #1 – As A WOD athlete I’m Not Able To Get Enough Carbs To Follow Paleo Properly

The Facts: Call it what you want; Paleo, Blueprint Eating, Eating as we are meant to eat, eating the way we have for most of our existence, real food diet… whatever! It’s all the same thing.

Paleo focuses on the quality of your food, allowing your body to function on food as it was meant to be which will provide you with the right tools to be able to smash those stale WOD times without being clogged up on all the additives and high grain fats that are so commonly found in the meats advocated by the Atkins diet.

This may come as a surprise but Paleo isn’t low carb, It’s low ‘processed carb’!

Think there was such a thing as a bread tree or a pasta tree? No, and there still isn’t! I guess food technology is getting good but we’re not quite there yet. The reality is that to get that bread in your toaster it’s gone through a vast amount of processing, cooking and additives…It’s processed; It wasn’t created by mother nature for us to eat. Eating the paleo way focuses on ‘primal performance carbs’ that will again give your body the right tools to function optimally giving you clean constant energy.

Atkins goes the other way, its low carb, in fact it’s so low that you enter a state called ketosis. This is where your body begins to make its own carbohydrates from your fat and your muscle!

Tell me one single WOD athlete that would want that!

This is exactly the reason I’m still getting athletes telling me that ‘Keto and MetCon don’t mix’ (they’re right!) and asking me how they can pick their energy levels up while still losing fat.

They’re just still a little confused.

Walk into any box and ask if anyone would like to actually break down their own muscle so that they perform less effectively or see if they’d like to lose the very stuff that they’re trying to build so that they can’t get anywhere near the prescribed weight for a WOD or ask if they’d like to feel tired, fatigued & withdrawn. My guess is that you would get no takers!

The Atkins Diet bangs you straight in at less than 20 grams of carbs a day rising to between 20 grams & 60 grams keeping you in a constant state of breakdown and fatigue. The true Paleo enthusiast should be between 120 and 150 grams per day allowing you to turn up at your box with energy, enthusiasm and a fire in your belly ready to perform better than you did the last time you were there. All while making fat loss effortless!

Oh, and one last word…

Atkins sells own brand low carb processed chocolate bars and crisps, just to really bump up the toxins in that already suffering environment in your body!

Myth #2 Paleo Is Unsustainable & Only Good For Short Term Weight Loss

The Facts: It is if you eat the Atkins way!

Many people don’t know this but the original meaning of diet is “way of life.” It comes from an ancient Greek word “díaita”.

The problem is, the word has been taken out of context and come to mean something completely different. Most people, when planning a diet usually mean that they are only going to change their habits for a short period of time to lose weight and when the diet is ‘over’, they are going to return to the foods that made them fat in the first place!

The Paleo diet isn’t a diet, it’s a ‘hunter gatherer way of life’ or an ‘Ancestral diet’, the foods that we have been eating for the most time on this beautiful planet of ours.

The key to a permanent lean physique and boundless energy is not another diet.

It is making those changes that you can make right now, that you can maintain in the future, a way of life that will make you lean, healthy and strong.

Myth #3 You Must Weigh and Measure Your Food

The Facts: I can see it now…Primal man stalks his prey. Keeping low he peers over the long grass, he’s not been seen. He takes a deep breath, grips his spear just a little tighter, draws back his arm and quickly explodes to his feet simultaneously powerfully throwing the spear towards his prey. It’s a strike but the animal is shocked and sprints off, immediately followed at speed by primal man. The animal begins to slow and primal man launches himself onto the beast and takes it down. One last thrust and the animal is now his.

He catches his breath, takes out his scales and begins to cut and weigh the animal into portions based on his individual body weight!


I don’t think so! The animal would have been cut and preserved as best as possible (if at all) and grazed (or gorged) on along with all the other produce like the vegetables and fruits. He would have eaten when he was hungry and grazed on any preserved meat, opportune meats, roots, shoots and fruits as he went about his day.

Weighing and measuring food into portions, sizes, blocks, points or calories is wholly unsustainable and wrongly turns something that is a way of life into an unsustainable faddy diet (see Myth #2).

It’s timely and It’s a stress to you and you better believe it has repercussions on your body! Cortisol is a stress hormone, a low grade adrenaline if you like. Too much cortisol and it can lead to breakdown of your body and fat storage, particularly on the tummy!

Now, having said all that, there are some instances where someone may need to weigh and measure their food. Someone who needs to get to extremely low body fat levels; a competitive bodybuilder and certain high level athletes but for the rest of us who have jobs, kids and deadlines it just spells disaster.

Take it easy, relax with your paleo way of life and graze!

Myth #4 The Paleo Menu Is Meat, Meat & More Meat

The Facts: I see this time and time again and it is one of the most common mistakes, paleo nutrition taken as a free-for-all to eat just meat at every opportunity.

There’s this notion that as long as you’re eating meat, you’re paleo.

I saw this plan just very recently…

  • Breakfast: Meat
  • Snack: Dried Meat Snack pack
  • Lunch: Cold pack of meat from the supermarket (because he forgot his lunch)
  • Snack: Nuts
  • Dinner: Steak

No wonder I get the questions that I do about lack of energy! Firstly there’s the ketosis (see Myth #1) to deal with and then there’s the acidity. High acidity makes your blood sludgy resulting in tiredness, lethargy and proneness to disease. You can bet that primal man wasn’t that successful every time in the hunt to be able to eat this volume of meat.

The exception to this rule is in times of severe cold, plants would have suffered and vegetation would have been scarce. Thank goodness we aren’t that unlucky.

The key is balance…There’s more to Paleo than just meat!

Myth #5 – We Don’t Need To Adjust Paleo To The 21st Century & Crossfit

The facts: Eating as close as possible to the way our ancestors ate is bottom line, the key to ultimate performance, health & wellbeing.

Our genes expect us to eat certain nutrients, to move our bodies and to be outside. Fortunately & unfortunately we live in the 21st century.

Let’s take stress for example, something all of us are experiencing to varying degrees. There’s kids (again!), work deadlines, traffic jams & relationship stress to name just a few and all this can lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients, not to mention our digestive enzymes. Primal man didn’t have to deal with any of this.

Let’s look at our daily life. We very rarely get out of our 4 caves; the home, the car, the office and our box. Primal man on the other hand stepped outside of his shelter and spent the whole day outside getting his full quota of Vitamin D. We’re all so deficient in this important vitamin (actually it’s a steroid hormone and there’s a Vit D receptor in every cell of the body) purely down to the fact that we live a completely different lifestyle…but our blueprint requirements for nutrients haven’t changed!

Fore more on this check out the Paleo In A Box Nutrition System by clicking here.

How You Can Correctly Use Paleo for Performance to Unlock Unlimited Energy, Endless Stamina, and Set The Best WOD Times Of Your Entire Life!

That’s right, if you’re an athlete, this will be one of the most important articles you’ll ever read because I’ll show you a better way to follow Paleo that will show you significant improvements on your WODs, whether you’re a complete newbie or have been an athlete for months, or years…

If like me you absolutely live for this sport then you will know how important it is to get your nutrition spot on to really accelerate your results and get you the quickest times possible. Nutrition is the foundation to your best WODs but despite putting in your maximum effort, you may currently be experiencing one or more of these problems with making Paleo work for you…

Does Any Of The Following Sound Familiar?

  • Understanding the conflicting information out there and not knowing where to start or whether you’re doing the right thing for your goals.
  • Wondering what you should be eating all day plus pre/post WOD to make sure you get constantly improving WOD times with improved strength, energy, power and performance.
  • Not eating enough calories to make the most out of your WODs.
  • Continuously getting sugar cravings binges, which sends you off-track.
  • You find yourself confused about what to eat when out and on the go and in ‘real life’.
  • You may feel that you’re starving yourself, when you know you need to be eating more and are still storing fat? Maybe you can’t get rid of that spare tyre and find it hard to kick the rubbish food? If you don’t have a clue about what to eat and when then Paleo In A Box is for you.
  • Still holding onto that annoying stubborn fat even though you’re eating Paleo?

A New Nutrition System That Is Paleo Friendly, Specifically Designed For This Sport & Takes Into Account Your Life In The 21st Century…

Many people have felt terrible on Paleo and still have a middle band around their stomachs that they find hard to shift, but getting out of that annoying ‘plateau’ doesn’t have to be a struggle if you understand how your body is working and you have a system that doesn’t ever leave you hungry and that keeps your energy up all day by balancing out your blood sugar levels.

There’s no need to starve yourself on Paleo, there’s no need to fear foods, there’s no need to keep weight around your belly and you can achieve all of your goals and maintain the performance within your WODS if you follow this new and exciting training system complete with video modules, audios, recipes, plans, cheat sheets and much, much more. Designed for Crossfitters, by Crossfitters.

Making sure you perform in your WODs is a top priority, but if you find yourself getting BORED with the food you’re eating, you may find yourself slipping off the Paleo wagon. What happens then? The food you’re eating makes your strength and performance suffer. It’s a vicious cycle that many athletes fall into, with no real specific solution to the problem… until today!

I’ve developed a complete system for you that won’t only teach you what to eat and when but that will also keep you full all day long, while gradually phasing you into Paleo until it feels completely natural for you.

The big problem you may have found is that you were expected to ditch your normal lifestyle right away and adopt a Paleo one overnight. This presents many problems. What we need to do is take a look at where you are now and build up your Paleo over a period of time so it feels and becomes natural. Then we can start to look at tweaking and increasing performance and making you lean and cut.

Introducing The New & Exclusive WOD Performance Lunch Box™

Not only will Paleo In A Box take you through a full nutritional course putting you in the top 3% in your box, you’ll also be exposed to the new and exciting WOD Performace Box™. This will change the way you think about eating food and will give you the exact amount of nutrients and combinations of foods to maximise your results.

Not only will you be given the secret formula so that you can create your own performance boxes, but we’ll also give you done-for-you recipes and complete meal plans so that the work is taken away from you.

The great thing about the WOD Performance Lunch Box™ is that your energy will stay sky high all day, the flavours are absolutely mouth-watering and you’ll finally discover how to make Paleo tasty and varied, there are literally THOUSANDS of possible combinations once you learn the list of approved ingredients. You’ll wonder how you found Paleo so easy and it’s finally been made fun.

Not only that, your box makes it easy to stop worrying about where your food will be coming from. If you’re someone who finds it hard to plan and prepare then your new WOD Performance Lunch Box™ will be at the heart of your day and give you the essential fuel you need to smash out those WOD times and get super lean.

Only Paleo In A Box Caters For Each Level Of Your Paleo Journey…

The Paleo In A Box System is for those who are at different stages of their Paleo lifestyle, and will move up in phases, so you can jump in whatever lever you’re at…

Paleo Newbie
Are completely new to Paleo and want an easier and faster way to bring it into their lifestyle and ensuring their box performance is optimized. You’re looking to really understand how Paleo works and the effect on your body.

70-90% Paleo
Those that have been following Paleo for a while but still finding it a little difficult to get to grips with and are maybe not strict with it. Maybe you find it hard to keep it going. I’ll make it easier for you.

Strict Paleo
For those who are strict Paleo, you’ll learn more advanced strategies to give you a distinct advantage and you’ll find the system easier to follow than your current routine. Think ultimate optimum nutrition at Rolls Royce level.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge Now With WOD Performance & Nutrition? We Have It Covered…

It’s great to hit the wall with wallball, but not great to ‘hit the wall’ in your WODs. That’s why you need Paleo In A Box to teach you eveything you need to know so that you can really achieve your best possible times during your sessions. Not only that, our strategic online training will teach you to undertstand your body like never before!

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  • Simple strategies on keeping an ‘eat clean’ lifestyle day in, day out but including cheat days that actually help your performance in the box.
  • How to keep your energy up while following Paleo, in fact this won’t be a concern just a few days into the system.
  • Pre/Post workout nutrition tricks and secrets that provide you with constant growth and better times.
  • Why you should never count calories if you want to lose fat.
  • A better and faster way to cut out breads, pastas and grains out of your diet without feeling restricted and craving them constantly (great for beginners).
  • Best ways of accelerating fat loss in your specific stubborn problem areas.
  • The easy way to build Paleo into your daily lifestyle without struggling.
  • How to match your nutrition with your specific goals, be it strength, fat loss, health, performance or all of them.
  • Concerned whether you’re getting enough calories using Paleo? I’ll dispel the myths out there and teach you the right way so you can relax.
  • How to plan and prepare your day easily with your Paleo lifestyle, this is where other Paleo plans fall way, way short and aren’t specific to the sport.
  • Food Vs WOD performance? What are the correct ratios? You’ll find out.
  • Are you concerned that the foods you’re eating are having a negative effect on your WODs? I’ll teach you the truth.
  • Do you want to REALLY know how your body works when you’re taking in different foods? The Paleo In A Box system is also an education course answering your burning questions that let you make more informed decisions.
  • Maybe you’re following Paleo but are still having trouble losing fat? I will help you to find out where you’re going wrong.
  • Do you struggle eating out of home and when travelling? We’ve got that covered with quick and easy tips for when you’re on the go.
  • Worried about not eating enough times throughout the day with meals taking far too long to prepare? The heart of the Paleo In A Box System deals with this problem.
  • Sugar addict? Don’t worry, the Paleo In A Box System will balance your blood sugar levels and keep you away from the foods that cause an imbalance in the body, which hampers your performance and results!
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