Dragon Points


Student Council and their incredible sponsors (Ashmore, Kajander, and Hicks) have worked hard to come up with the school theme for next school year. Voting will be coming up soon.

Go Fund Me/Donors Choose

It is highly recommended by LISD that you do not use Go Fund Me, Donor Choose or any other crowd funding websites professionally. The exchange of money or goods that can be sold to obtain money may put into question as to what you are using the money for. No matter where you go you are still a public official and will be seen as such on-line. To quote a famous litigator "If I put this knit cap on, who am I? I'm still J.C. with a knit cap."

Loan Forgiveness

If you have loan forgiveness paperwork please send these to Human Resources to be signed.

It Takes Two

The Behavior and Academic Support Environment (BASE) program is an alternate environment to address problematic behaviors in a place of traditional disciplinary assignments for students with disabilities who have behavior intervention plan or social skills.

BASE will begin at Durham in earnest next school year but will be an alternative to sending SPED students to ISS, OSS, and DAEP. BASE can only be assigned by the Campus Behavior Coordinator and/or designees.

Sunshine and Rain

Kudos to Durham's great special education department who are going through some incredible changes for this year and in preparation for next school year. The changes will keep on coming for them.

One of the big items for next year is that the special education department will need lesson plans two weeks in advance to be truly effective in their new roles next year. Just putting the idea in your head for now.

Next week's faculty meeting has been canceled. Enjoy your Wednesday afternoon!

Custodial Services

The current custodial contract with Sodexo will end this summer. The new custodial contract will be with GCA Services Group. The big caveat is that current custodians will not lose their jobs and maintain current salaries.

It's All in the STAAR's

With STAAR approaching, please begin looking around your room for items that might give students an advantage or an answer on the STAAR test.

The week of March 28th will force us to suspend Operation Success for all students until the following week of April 4th. More to come....

Parent Communication

As we approach the end of the school year, it is important that parent communication be on the forefront of everyone's mind. Especially in cases where students are failing or on the precipice of failing.