Emergency Room Physician

by: Zuri Calva

What is Emergency Room Physician and what do they do ?

Emergency Room Physician is a person that is trained to attend people as quickly as possible in the hospital. Their job is to attend those people who are taken to the hospital for emergency for being knocked out with a base ball , or burned up their hand while cooking and etc, these people have to be attend right away. The Emergency Room Physician is in charge in how they can help the person who is hurt in a fast paste

what does it take to become one of them

In order to become a Emergency Room Physician, you are expected to have training covers areas such as administration and research. Many doctors recommend for those students to who are interested in this career , to start volunteering in hospitals to have a better experience and this can help you get put ahead of the person with equally good marks. Physicians must complete at least four years of high school , four years of medical school, and 3 to 7 years internship and residency programs depending on their specialty. With at least a bachelor's degree or advanced degrees to apply to this job. The employment Stats outlook will be increasing, from 2008 till 2018 the growth rate would be expected about 21.8%.

Pay scale

An Emergency Room Physician, the average annul Earnings is $161,490, the average hourly earnings is $77.64. For those who physicians practicing primary care can received up to total median annul of $241,273 and for the physicians practicing in medical specialties can earn up to a median annul compensation of $411,852