Interior Designing

Madeline Strou P.7

What do interior designers do?

Interior designers are professionaly trained to create a functional interior evironment. Many professional designers can identify, research, and creatively resolve issues that can lead to a safe, healthy, and comfortable space. Interior designers also design lighting, fabrication of custom furnitures, and interior details.
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Skills an interior designer would need.

~math skills for budgeting



~artist skills

~good communication

~good listening skills

~eye for detail

~being flexible

~understanding of building construction

Salary for interior designers.

The average salary in the U. S. for interior designers would be about $42,070. The highest would be about $49,300. And the lowest would be about $25,465.
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Schools for interior designing.

There are many schools to go to for interior designing majors. In the U. S. alone there are 264 schools to go to for interior designing. Some schools are the University of Florida, North Dakota State University, Texas State University, Unuversity of Bridgeport (Connecticut), Amarillo College (Texas), Delta College (Michigan), and many more. For interior designing, people have attend school for 4 years.