Dead or Alive!!


WANTED for creating the term "Big Bang Theory."

Born in west Yorkshire, England

The family moved around and young Fred struggled in school. His mother taught him to read and do math. He soon began to show strong interest in chemistry and astronomy and won a scholarship to Bingley Grammar School in 1926.

Born on June 24,1915

Fred Hoyle died on August 20, 2001 in Bournemouth, England.

This is why Fred is famous!

During World War II, he helped perfect radar to track flying objects. After the war, he joined mathematician Hermann Bondi and astronomer Thomas Gold to develop the theory of the universe, though this was later decided as the “Big Bang” theory, a term Hoyle himself came up with.

Fred did his work in several schools and universities, such as Bingley Grammer School.

A Quote by Fred:

It is in the world of ideas and in the relation of his brain to the universe itself that the superiority of Man lies. The rise of Man may justly be described as an adventure in ideas.

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