Fenton Area Public Schools

Curriculum Update - September 19, 2016

I hope that your first two weeks of school have been great! There are many terrific things happening in Fenton and wonderful teachers and administrators at the core of it. Thanks for all you do!

As you know, I have two responsibilities this year, Director of Curriculum and Principal of North Road Elementary. I continue to oversee all curriculum and instruction, assessments, PD, Title I, Title II, At Risk, most grants, school improvement, and more. Heidie Ciesielski is assisting me with Secondary Math and Homeless Liaison responsibilities, while Mark Suchowski is assisting with Secondary ELA and PowerSchool. The three of us will work closely together throughout the year.

Please be patient with me as I adjust to doing both positions. Friendly reminders on things are always helpful and appreciated! Thanks for your support!

Professional Development Menu

Per your ratified contract, we will have a menu of after-school PD opportunities available to you throughout the school year, in addition to other professional activities your principal may plan.

I am looking for teachers and administrators to lead workshops. We have a wealth of knowledge in the district and it is great when you share your expertise.

Below is a link to submit a proposal for running a workshop. If chosen, you will be able to count one hour of the presentation towards your own PD requirement. (District Requirement: Elementary Teachers 4.5 hours and Secondary Teachers 3 hours)

Click here for PD Proposal

Proposals due Friday, September 30, 2016.

Useful Information

As you probably know, research has shown that meaningful discussion among students increases their understanding and achievement. An example would be math talks, which several schools have as strategies to meet their school improvement goals.

I wanted to pass along the links below since both provide some useful information on math and science talks. The strategies can be used in all subject areas, too.

Math Talks

Science Talks

Spring 2017 Testing Schedule

By visiting the link below, you will find Michigan's spring 2017 testing calendar.


Melody Strang

Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology

Fenton Area Public Schools