By Brian Selznick Flyer by Milayna Coggins


If you like puzzling books, chapter books, and picture books this is the book for you! Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick. Selznick lives in San Diego, California. He wrote and illustrated books including Hugo Cabret, Caldecott Honor, Walt Whitman, an The Dinosaurs of Water house Hawkins. This book is realistic Fiction.


This is a book where one story is in words and one story is told in words and in the end the stories mix together. There is a kid named Ben. He was born with one of his ears deaf. It was okay for him. He got used to it. When he got old enough he realized that he didn't have a father. He was so curious he went searching for his dad in NYC. One day he was wondering around the book store and he meets a girl name Rose. He becomes good friends with Rose. Ben was walking around the museum and meets a friend name Jamie. Every day he comes to the museum to see jamie. Jamie helps Ben eat and drink while he is in NYC.


I disliked this book because it made me question the book too much. It is always good to question things in a book but it made question too much.

I disliked this book because I think the clues in the picture should be more visible because it made me confused.

I liked this book because it was a different kind of book. There are not that many books with a lot of pictures and words. Usually they just have pictures to help them out what the book means. This has a STORY with pictures though.


This book reminded me of the book Hugo Cabret because BBrian Selznick also was the author and illustrated this book as he did Wonderstruck.

This will make you laugh but this book reminded me of the T.V. show Scooby Do Where Are You because they have to figure out where/who the monster is and the story makes you try to figure out what the pictures mean and what the person is doing in the pictures.

This book reminded me of the time that I was watching a movie and I didn't really get it so I had to use clues from the movie to figure out what is going on.

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I would recommend this book to my brother Gage because he does not like reading books that much so he would like the illustrations.

This book was. . . . . Funny, scary, interesting, or suspenseful? This book was interesting and suspenseful.

I hope you liked it!

I hope you learned a lot about this book today! I think you should give it a try. It looks like a big book but most of the pages are pictures. It is an amazing book and you will a have a lot of questions but they get answered in the end. :)