October/November 2014

Tablet Deployment is just around the corner!

We have been working hard to get everything ready so that tablets can go out students on the designated deployment days. Ms. Howell, the media specialist, has been scanning tablets into Destiny and I have been feverishly adding labels to all cases. Labels contain a bar code that is specific to that student, but also their student's name and their homeroom teacher. This way, if a tablet is ever lost or misplaced and then found, we can get the tablet back to the student or his/her teacher as soon as possible.

Important Dates

Friday, November 7th: Sixth grade students are issued tablets. Tablets will remain in school until being sent home on November 14th.

Wednesday, November 14th: Seventh grade students will receive and take home tablets.

Friday, November 14th: Eighth grade students will receive and take home tablets. Sixth grade students will take home tablets.

Monday, November 24th: Introduction to Tablet Parent Night

*Chargers will come home with tablets. They are to remain at home. Teachers will have a few spare chargers available to students if a student tablet loses a charge during the school day.

Tablet Handouts

Your child should have come home with four PACE handouts. The first is an Amplify User's manual that explains the ins and outs of the tablet. The second is a PACE handbook, which explains Guilford County's policies and procedures in regards to tablet use, tablet care, and tablet replacement. The third form, the Web 2.0 permission slip, must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to your child's homeroom teacher. The fourth form, is a PACE Pledge, which must also be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to your child's homeroom teacher. If you are uncertain as to whether you have received any of these handouts, you can access all of these forms by clicking HERE.

Registration Is Done

Between the dates of November 7th and November 14th we registered close to 900 student tablets. Students were enthusiastic about receiving their new and improved tablets. After getting their notebooks loaded, students watched a brief video on tablet care.

Student Training Modules

During the window of November 4th through the 18th students will be participating in tablet training modules. These modules cover topics such as digital citizenship, tablet care, tablet basics, plagiarism and citing sources, and creating/saving documents in Office 365 and One Drive. Student are given a final quiz to test their knowledge of what they have learned. In this picture, the eighth grade teachers are getting a refresher course on One Drive and Office 365, now called WPS.

Contact Information

Amy Morris

Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator (PLEF)

I am at Northeast Middle School every Monday and Wednesday, and the second Friday of each month.