Egg Drop

The mission to save the egg

Our idea

In science class our teacher told us to make a device to support and keep a egg from cracking from a 40 foot drop. To start off me and Brody brainstormed ideas. We at first wanted to wrap it up in all the supplies that we had but, we decided not to. Our final idea was to make a parachute out of the bag but it wouldn't catch the air


. So we ended up deciding on making two parachutes because we thought the more parachutes the better.When we tested the new product out it work really well.

When we made the second parachute I used two pieces of paper and held them together with tape and Popsicle sticks. We had trouble making something to hold the egg in. So we pocked a hole in the plastic bag pulled the sting though it and tied the string to a q-tip so the string so the string wouldn't go through the hole. We put the egg in two cups under the plastic bag.I attached the cups to the parachutes with rubber bands And just like that we were done.


So finally the day of testing came. Our class went outside and saw a big fire truck.Our gym teacher climbed on top of the fire truck ladder and got raised up.Then he drop the products off the fire truck.Me and Brodys was the last one.Right when he dropped it i knew our egg was safe. It hit the ground softly me and Brody ran over and picked up our egg. When we took the egg out there wasn't even a scratch!!