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July 2019

The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

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Special Events and Birthdays!!


July 9: Gavin Gach is 3!

July 10th- Ms. Mikayla's Birthday

Happy 2 year Anniversary to Ms. Mikayla!!!

Current Events:

July 4th- Closed for 4th of July

July 19 - Supply fee due

Future Events:

August 31- Physical due

Ms. Mikayla moves up to the Sherlocks.

Upcoming Zoophonics Friends

We are now done with all of our letters until August!

Week of July 1st- Independence Day week

Week of July 8th- Pirate week

Week of July 15th- Space week

Week of July 22nd- Fairy Tale week

Week of July 29th- All About Me week

New to our school? Check out links at the end of the newsletter to learn the sounds and Zoophonics song.

PTO and Vacations

Did you know we have a PTO? Interested in helping out? Please see Ms. LeAndra or Ms. Alisha.

Who do you contact concerning vacation credit? Please email Mr. Mike at

In the Classroom!

This month the Stuart's are excited to spend lots of time outdoors in the water and sunshine! We will be incorporating lots of water play into our day so remember to bring in some extra clothes in case ours get dirty or wet. This month we will be talking about lots of things that we like to talk or read about in class. The first week of the month will be talking about why we celebrate the 4th of July. There will be lots of red, white, and blue artwork for you to take home! Then we'll be going hunting for pirate treasure, making rockets to fly to the moon, and pretending to be princes or princesses from our favorite stories.

Remember to bring rain boots or shoes that can get muddy. Also a light jacket for morning outside time.

  • Remind Me App: It's a free app that we're using to for simple reminders like show and share, friend of the week, physical due dates, etc. Our class code is 26kh9g


After all that spring cleaning it's time to relax with a new book! The Scholastic flyers will go out May 14th and are due back on May 25th. Our online code is HQ686

Healthy Start Wisdom

National Mac and Cheese Day

Macaroni and cheese is a favorite dish for kids of all ages! This year why not try cook up your favorite mac and cheese recipe with your kids, try a new one, or skip cooking and make some beautiful macaroni art!

The Book Nook

If You're A Monster and You Know It

This monstrously awesome adaptation of the song "If you're Happy and You Know It" is a great book for kids who want to get up and move. Pretend to be a monster as you stomp, growl, wiggle, and roar through this book.

The Parent's Spotlight

Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for making Family Fun Day and the graduation a big success! We hope that everyone had a great time.

  • Remember there is a suggestion box in the lobby, and we love to hear about ideas to enhance the learning environment for your children.

Would you like to donate?

We could use:

  • Empty plastic jars such as mayonnaise or peanut butter
  • Is there ever a time when you say to yourself, " I wonder if The Tot Spot would want this"? We could use it in so many ways. Everything can turn into a sensory activity or learning experience. So, before you throw out your junk, ask your teacher if it could be used

The Teacher's Spotlight

Question: What is the meaning behind your name?

  • Ms. Mikayla: Mikayla is the feminine form of Micheal which means 'who is like God?'. Apparently my parents got the mane from the T.V. show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.
  • Ms. Kayla: No known meaning.
  • Ms. Kit: It's just a three letter nickname for Catherine. I had friends who had three letter nicknames and I wanted one but already knew a Cat and there was a character named Kit in a book I was reading at the time.
  • Ms. Alisha: Alisha means 'Protected by God" in the terms of the Sanskrit language
  • Mr. Mike: Derived from the Hebrew Mikhael; "Who is like God?"
  • Ms. Maggie: The meaning of my name is pearl
  • Ms. Le Andra: The Greek meaning is Feminine of Leander. Lionesss.
  • Ms. Katie: Pure
  • Ms. Erin: Its Irish and it means peace.
  • Ms. Kelsey: The Irish meaning of Kelsey is Brave

  • Ms. Alex: In Greek the meaning of the name Alexandria is: A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men.

The Tot Spotter's Spotlight