BRUMC Youth Newsletter

Monday, August 27th - Sunday, September 2nd

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This Week's Schedule

Wednesday This Wednesday the youth meetings will take a break until September 5th!!!!!

Sunday Sunday morning we will have our normal small group time from 10:00-11:00am in the FLC. .

We were scheduled to have our last cookout this past Sunday, the 26th of August. Due to some sickness in our host family, the event had to be rescheduled. I will send out an email this week with details on the location and time of the last cookout!!!!

Sunday night we will NOT have youth. The youth meetings will take a break until September 9th!!!!!

Looking Ahead

September 5 - Youth Wednesday Night resumes @ 6:30-7:30pm.

September 9 - Youth Night resumes @ 3-5pm right after the Start Your Season kick-off!!!!!

September 12 - Fuel-Up starts. The whole church will be playing Bingo afterwards. No Youth Group that night.

October 24 - Trunk or Treat @ BRUMC!!!!!

Four Panes of Righteousness

I read an article this week on the doctrine of righteousness. In it, Carl Ellis likened righteousness to a four-paned window. The four areas are piety, justice, personal, and social. Using this analogy, he said that righteousness is certainly concerned with doing what is right but it is also seeking to do what is right to others and seeking reconciliation when the wrong thing has been done by you or someone else. It is also living rightly yourself before God and it is also living rightly before God as a community of believers.

In light of this definition, I found myself wondering if had ever been truly righteous in my life. But then the author offered some interesting insight. He said, "The Bible itself clearly covers the whole window, and when we do theology we should do likewise. Therefore, when the body of Christ is fully functional, all four panes will be engaged. Unfortunately, for a long time most of us in the evangelical community have been functional on one pane—personal piety. This means we’ve neglected 3/4 of the gospel’s implications in this four-fold framework. This neglect skews our perception of righteousness and leads us to see social piety, personal justice, and social justice as outside the scope of God’s work. Consequently, we’ve tended to let other people lay claim to the other dimensions of the biblical witness—and even redefine them for purposes contrary to the gospel. This has made our ability to function in those dimensions even more difficult for us. Such is the case with “social justice.” Thus, when the subject of social justice comes up, the knee-jerk reaction is often “I don’t want to have anything to do with that”—giving us further justification for neglecting it."

Overall I found this to be such an interesting insight. My righteousness was made possible through Christ's sacrifice on my behalf and it is maintained as I enter into and contribute to the community of believers that God has placed me in. I have attached a link to the article below for further reading. God Bless!!!!!

Daily Bible Reading Plan

August 27th - Psalm 25; 1 Samuel 14; Lamentations 5; 2 Peter 1:12-21

August 28st - Psalm 26; 1 Samuel 15; Habakkuk 1:1-11; 2 Peter 2

August 29th - Psalm 27; 1 Samuel 16; Habakkuk 1:12-2:20; 2 Peter 3

August 30th - Psalm 28; 1 Samuel 17; Habakkuk 3; Luke 1:1-25

August 31st - Psalm 29; 1 Samuel 18; Daniel 1; Luke 1:26-56

September 1st - Psalm 30; 1 Samuel 19; Daniel 2; Luke 1:57-80

September 2nd - Psalm 31; 1 Samuel 20; Daniel 3; Lule 2:1-21