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May 16 | 2022

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For coming weeks, the District will provide case rates and other information each week. Click the gray button above to go to a spreadsheet. On the upper left you can also toggle to a "chart."

District Updates - COVID

The link to the weekly case chart is above. For the first time in many weeks, we had two reported cases across the district.

WEEKLY ZOOM Meeting: Join us each Monday at 5:00 pm for additional information or questions about Recovery practices or other District items. Please consider joining as we discuss a variety of district topics each week. See end of newsletter for link to join.

The BV Schools Opening in Recovery Plan is linked here.

Registration for 2022-23 is Now Open! Please update information in May!

May 2022

Re: Online annual student information update (for existing students)

Hello BV Schools Families! I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of the school year.

As you may recall from last summer, families now use our online Infinite Campus system to update and/or confirm information for returning students, instead of the paper packets we used to send home. Every family must go online to access their student(s) information, and provide any updates. It’s a quick and easy process, and saves tons of paper and time for you and our office assistants.

To access this system, simply sign into your parent portal on Infinite Campus (you can also find a direct link to the parent portal on the district website). On the left side menu, select “More”. Then, select “Online Registration”. Be sure to select next school year, 2022-2023. The system will walk you through the process. Please allow about 10 minutes per child to complete this information update. You will also use this process to add any additional students to your household (for example, if one of your children has been homeschooled, but will now attend one of our schools), rather than starting a new registration.

Note that this process will not work on a cell requires a computer. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your child’s school, and we’ll make arrangements for you to come in to use one of our devices.

Please complete this process this month (May), while staff members are still in the schools to help you with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

Lisa Yates, Superintendent

A Note from our SRO

Last week SRO Megan Mitchell and Officer Jesse Mitchell conducted training for the officers of BVPD. The training was active shooter training focused on building and room clearing and took place after school hours. Often for these trainings, including last week, the school allows us to train in the schools after school hours. Not only do we have a great place to train but it also helps us to all become more familiar with the schools. It is important to BVPD that all officers get this type of training and stay up to date on the current tactics as the science behind it all is constantly changing and improving. During this training, we keep in mind the protocols that the schools and communities are using during these types of incidents. This means we are in line with the safety protocols put in place by the iloveuguys Foundation. The iloveuguys Foundation is a great resource to see what our schools are using for safety protocols. You can check it all out at If you have any questions regarding the training that BVPD did last week, feel free to contact SRO Mitchell at

Weekly Zoom Meeting for Families

Each Monday, BV Schools will host a virtual meeting at 5:00 pm. This is open to all families to hear more about the status of learning in the school and to ask questions.

Join through the link below or by going to ZOOM and entering: 821 3222 5223


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