The outsiders

by manny seroka period 5 5/10/16

the outsides

book by s.e. hinton

How johnny killed a socs and what he did after.

when johnny and ponyboy were going out for a walk there was 5 socs and then they got out of the car and then they said that ponyboy needed a bath and then they took ponyboy and put his head in the fountain and then he blacked out and then johnny took a nife and then he stabbed a socs and then when ponyboy woke up he saw johnny crying and then johnny confessed that he killed a socs and then ponyboy could not of belive it because johnny could of never kill anybody and then they needed to run away because then johnny would of gone to go to the electrec chair and then ponyboy would of gone to a millitary school and he hated they both went to dallly and then they asked for help from dally and then dally helped them.then they went to a church and the cops were looking for them both then dally joined them at the church.