Egypt Local News Update

New Kingdom

Hatshepsut as pharaoh?

Everybody is buzzing about Hatshepsut being pharaoh! I know that I don't think a girl should be pharaoh but she's doing a fine job!

Invention Central!


Send your kids to school!!!! There, they can learn to write in hieroglyphs! It will make your life so much easier and you will be stress free in no time! It will help you organize things and you can even make your own calendar.


If your ever sick go out to the town square and buy some medicine! You'll definitely feel better after you take the medicine! If you have bad results, money back guarantied.

Tooth Paste!

If your teeth are all dirty and you want to clean them up, go and buy some tooth paste! I know that the new invention worked on my teeth and it will work on yours too!!
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Ancient Egypt - National Geographic

Ancient Egypt Video!

Watch this video to learn more about your homeland...EGYPT! It's packed with great information and you will learn many things! You will be more interested in learning about where you are right now after watching this video!

Get to know Hatshepsut!

If you want to learn more about your trusty Pharaoh look at the information below and check it out!
Every Tuesday go on down to the town square and buy the paper! Hope you tune in next time! Hope you had a great read today and a good read for the rest of times!