Dead Men's Path Body Biography

Michael Obi

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The Mind

-Although Obi may disagree with others, he still values their beliefs. One of the bights disagreements he continues to have is over whether or not the path is necessary to have. While his mindset himself is striving towards positivity and happiness, he hopes to do the same for the school and surrounding community as headmaster.

The Heart

-Obi keeps his energy alive throughout the piece of literature.

"It had always been an unprogressive school, so the Mission authorities decided to send a young and energetic man to run it." (Achebe, pg. 1)

-It was important for him to have the education that he did.

"He had had sound secondary school education which designated him a "pivotal teacher" in the official records and set him apart from the other headmasters in the mission field." (Achebe, pg. 1)

-Like this picture above of the field being watered, Obi believes in modernized methods that help progress towards a common goal.

"In their two years of married life she had become completely infected by his passion for 'modern methods' and his denigration of "these old and superannuated people in the teaching field who would be better employed as traders in the Onitsha mar­ ket." (Achebe, pg. 1)

-Obi loves his wife dearly and considers her opinion in decision making.

"'We shall make a good job of it, shan't we?' he asked his young wife when they first heard the joyful news of his promotion." (Achebe, pg. 1)

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The Backbone

-While Obi is headmaster he plans to improve Ndume Central School. To do this, he suggests that the path be removed. This is one of his primary objectives in the passage besides improving the school.

"Heavy sticks were planted closely across the path at the two places where it entered and left the school premises. These were further strengthened with barbed wire."(Achebe, pg. 2)

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The Hands

-Obi and his wife hold in their hands positive ideas that will better Ndume Central School.

"Mr. Obi put his whole life into the work, and his wife hers too. He had two aims. A high stan­ dard of teaching was insisted upon, and the school compound was to be turned into a place of beauty." (Achebe, pg. 2)

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The Feet

-Obi stands firm on the belief that a path is not necessary in front of the school.

"'I am sorry,' said the young headmaster. 'But the school compound can­ not be a thoroughfare. It is against our regulations. I would suggest your con­ structing another path, skirting our premises. We can even get our boys to help in building it. I don't suppose the ancestors will find the little detour too burdensome.'" (Achebe, pg. 3)

-He also still believes that his beliefs will better the school and make it a more likable place overall.