Andrew Jackson

Vote zero

Trail or tears

Andrew Jackson is the man who led all the Cherokee out of there land and on to reservations. The reservations for the Cherokee were basically the left over land and that is not right. Andrew Jackson said that you will receive a doctor, time to pack up, and wagons but they got nothing and that is totally unacceptable.

Spoils System

The Spoils System is not a good system because it is the supporters and political allies of winning candidates that receive a job in the government on whether they deserve it or not. The members that would receive a job by the government could be as dumb as a rock and will no nothing about the government and would still be apart of it.


Andrew Jackson had created two tariffs of one on 1828 and the other on 1832. The south was very angry and the north pleasured these tariffs very much. The south had no manufacturing goods to make the products and also had no money to pay for the tariffs. I think this is very unfair for Andrew Jackson to do this to the south and South Carolina threatens to succeed from the union.

Story of Us- Trail of

Political cartoon of Andrew Jackson

In this cartoon Andrew Jackson is using his powers like king George and not like a president. He is using his power to veto way to much and to him it is just a way to say no.