Leonard Torrence

About Army

Soldiers in the military work very hard. Active duty is when soldiers serve full time and they live on the base. A way to join the military is first, you have a meeting with a recruiter. Second, is you have to have required documents. Third, the want to be soldiers have to have a academic evaluation. Fourth, they have to have a physical fitness test. Fifth, they choose there army career. Sixth the soldier prep for basic combat training. The defense of our country depends on are military including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine corps.

My grandapa

My hero

When my grandpa was in high school he got drafted to join the army right after he finished high school. Drafted is when the military basically tells you you have to join the military. My grandpa was part of the tank crew and he was ranked private first class. He served from 1944-1946, he was 18 years old when he first started. My grandpa also had a brother in the navy.My grandpa is a hero because he dedicated his life to help fight in World War II. He worked very hard. It was hard for his family because he had to leave at age 18 and they didn't really know what would happen to him. He is still alive today and I am proud he is my grandpa.

By Adria Torrence