What's Happening On TUMBLEBUS in April?

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This month we are celebrating all things April! From bunnies, frogs, flowers, butterflies, and eggs, we're having a blast. Teddy and friends are learning new skills, reviewing old, practicing counting skills, and talking about the letter "S". Alongside all the excitement we are enjoying the many circuit activities, games, and books for this month.

Here a few Snaps of what Spring time has brought to the Tumble Bus!

Introducing Another Entity of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte:

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Welcome our New Manager and Fitness Teacher Mrs. Eden Mabry!

Eden Mabry graduated in 2017 from Limestone College with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and spent all four years competing on the Cross country and Track team as a long distance runner. She has been running for over ten years now, and although she's running the TUMBLEBUS now, she is still actually running in her free time. She fell in love with children through her experiences of going to Belize during the summers on mission trips with Limestone Colleges CELP Program which lead to her job of being a 3 year old preschool teacher after she graduated. Eden is full of energy and has a passion for helping grow the hearts, minds, and bodies of children.



What Skills are We Learning this Month?

Here are a few skills we'll be covering this month!

Here are a few skills that we are working on this month...

FOCUS: Endurance

Warm up with Tumble Bus song


  • Neck: Roll arounds
  • Shoulders: Rusty Shoulder shrugs
  • Arms: Self Care Pats on the backs
  • Back: Cat/Cow
  • Legs: Legs together Tinkle toes, Legs apart Sharing the Shine, Where are you flying butterfly
  • Ankles: Pointing outs/ups


Bouncing bunnies over the hurdles

tight rope across the red bridge

backwards crab walks through the green field

magical frogs across the swinging bridge

Strong Ox dead lifts

Snake slithers through the steamy tunnels

Story time: Milo the Big Bunny and What Color is a Kiss

Cool Down

Good bye Song


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Teddy Parent Tip of the Month

Teddy Shares on:

How to Win Cooperation?

Develop Predictable Routines

Kids cooperate in school because they know what's expected of them, says Beth Cohen-Dorfman, educational coordinator at Chicago's Concordia Avondale Campus preschool. "The children follow essentially the same routine day after day, so they quickly learn what they are supposed to be doing, and after a while barely need reminding." While it would be impractical to have the same level of structure at home, the more consistent you are, the more cooperative your child is likely to be, suggests Cohen-Dorfman. Decide on a few routines and stick to them! Examples include deciding when everyone gets dressed or reading before bed once all jimmies are on ect. Eventually, following these "house rules" will become second nature to your child. This will ultimatley make their life/ behavior and your life a lot easier (Lamb, 2018).

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PLAY: Cup Kicking!


READ: What Color is a Kiss? Learn about colors while reading about all of the colors that perhaps a kiss can be!

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Inspirational Quote of the Month

All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them. -Magic Johnson

Thanks for allowing your child to be a part of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte!

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.