Shadow Puppet EDU

Whenever you create, SHARE! Whenever you learn, TEACH!

All About Shadow Puppet EDU

Shadow Puppet lets students easily create videos to tell stories, explain ideas, or document the learning taking place in the classroom. A helpful tutorial is built in to the home screen.

Your Task!

•Open app, tap “Create New." For images, take note of all of the options on the left side of your screen. Tap on ONE of the many images that appear that best represents your day (and feel free to search.) Tap the photo to add it to your slideshow.

•Now, search and add five more images to your slideshow. Once you have five items added you can re-order them by tapping on the blue square with the number 6 in it.

•Tap on Next to add text or music.

•To begin recording, tap on the start button. Narrate each slide, being sure to tap the “Recording” button when you are done with each slide. This will pause your presentation.

•When you are done, tap on the “Save" to store and share.

Here's how teachers are using Shadow Puppet!

  • Explain and solve a math problem
  • Book/lab reports
  • Public service announcements