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November 29, 2021


In order to celebrate the Franklin Football Division 1 State Championship, the Franklin Gridiron Club has partnered with Ideal Logos and BSN Sports to provide you with a wide arrange of apparel options! Please note that these are the only vendors that we are working with and any other offerings are not affiliated with Franklin High School or the Franklin Gridiron Club.

All orders must be placed by the end of the day on December 2nd. Unfortunately, due to current supply chain issues and shipping delays orders will NOT arrive before Christmas. We are looking at a mid-January delivery, but should anything arrive earlier than planned, we will make sure to get it to you as soon as possible.

Please use the links below to browse the selections in each store and place your orders. Ideal Logos does offer YOUTH sizes in multiple items!

Old News

Bus Driver Shortage

The bus driver shortage is real and it is having a direct impact on athletics and activities that occur after school. Until the shortage improves and more drivers are hired, we will not be able to depart for after school competitions or activities between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm on school days. This will require us to leave early and wait at the destination or leave later and delay the start of the competition.

The athletics/activities office frequently receives bus cancellations or changes in the afternoon which we try to communicate to coaches right away. Our coaches are working hard to adjust and we appreciate your flexibility as a family.


Be relentlessly positive and respectful at games - all the time. Cheer for our students on the field. Focus on our players, not our opponent or their fans. Profane, disrespectful, or targeted cheers, actions, or individual yells are not allowed and will result in immediate removal from the site. Our student-section brings a crazy energy to the competition - let's make sure it's positive so we can be remembered the right way.

Hit the Weights!

The weight room is open for student use every day after school until 4:oo pm. Join us and get stronger, faster, together!

Photos, Info, or Pride to Share? Contact Us!

Jordan Hein

Director of Athletics and Activities

Franklin Public Schools