How-To Directions


Duplicating Classes with Curriculum

  1. Log in using your username and password (last name; last name)
  2. Click on "Find & Manage Users" on the left side of the page
  3. Enter the teacher's last name in the search options; uncheck the box that says "All Rolles", and only check the "Teacher" box; click "Find Users"
  4. Click on the icon that has the green square on the upper right hand corner of the box at the bottom of the screen, ext to the teacher's name
  5. Click on "My Classes" on the left hand side of the page
  6. Click to Duplicate Class or Group
  7. Select the class or group from a previous year that you wish to duplicate, and rename it
  8. Uncheck "Duplicate Student" box
  9. Make sure "Duplicate Assignments and Apps" box is checked
  10. Click Add
  11. Under the class settings, make sure all of the information is correct
  12. Click Save
  13. Log out in the upper right hand corner of your screen