Ms. Zunguze's

Fifth-Grade News


  • Thursday, May 19th approximately 8:15 A.M.-12:00 P.M.: half-day walking field trip to Weaver Park on Aquatic Ecosystems--Please let Ms. Zunguze know if you are available to walk with us from Claxton, supervise a group led by a naturalist, and walk back to Claxton with us. A big thank-you to Mrs. Beth Berry for being our first volunteer!

  • Thursday, May 19 at 5:30 P.M.: Claxton Celebration of Learning Potluck--Your family is invited to bring a picnic blanket, a drum, and a dish to share. Fifth-grade families are asked to provide drinks. (Please note: Unfortunately, Ms. Zunguze's son has a baseball game at the same time, so the Zunguzes will not be able to attend.)

  • May 20-25: Spring Book Fair in Media Center (Volunteers needed--See below.)

  • May 24-June 7: All of Asheville City Schools will conduct EOG testing in the last 10 academic days of school.

  • Friday, May 27th: half-day walking field trip to Weaver Park on Force & Motion--Please let Ms. Zunguze know if you are available to chaperone.

  • Friday, June 3: Due Date for Applications for Cougar Step Up! 6th-Grade Transition Camp--Please take advantage of this opportunity for your upcoming Asheville Middle School student to attend a day camp for two days in which they will meet teachers, receive an orientation to the new campus and their daily school schedule, participate in team-building activities with their peers, and get organized to prepare for the first days of middle school. Transportation and meals are provided, and the program is designed to improve the transition experience for upcoming sixth graders. I highly recommend registering your AMS student for this program!


  • For May 19th and/or 27th 1/2-day Walking Field Trip--Please e-mail Ms. Zunguze if you are willing and able to walk with us from Claxton to Weaver Park and back, chaperoning a group led by a naturalist.


See this helpful website for specific information on each Module 4 math lesson on multiplying and dividing fractions: <>.

WISH LIST: glue sticks!

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