Plant Biotechnology

The research in Food and Agriculture modiflications

by Pierre Signori and Keo Bowden

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how does biotechnology help us today

biotech crops have enabled farmers around the world to increase their incomes and yields while using less pesticides and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits for Biotech Crops

*removing 23 billion kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

*reduced use of pesticide by 9% (474 million kg)

*Economy has improved because of biotech crops

*Farm income Increased by 49% ($48 billion)

*bonus Income from mayor farms goes to poor/small farms

*less fuel usage and more carbon storage in the coil from reduced tillage with the biotech crops

*biotech crops have produced (since 1996) 110 million tonnes of soybeans,195 million tonnes of corn, 15.8 million tonnes of cotton lint, and 6.6 million tonnes of canola

*could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, in our atmosphere

Biotech crops are made by International Service for the Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA)