Types of Multiple Choice Questions

AP test makers employ several basic patterns.

The Straightforward Question


The poem is an example of a

C. Lyric

The Reference Question (refers you to specific liens and asks you to draw a conclusion)


Lines 52-57 serve to

A. reinforce the author's thesis

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The "all . . . except" Question


The AP Literature Exam is all of the following except:

A. It is given in May each year

B. It is open to high school seniors

C. It is published in the New York Times

*** This question requires extra time because it demands that you consider every possibility.

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The Inference Question


In the poem, "My Last Duchess", the reader can infer that the speaker is

E. arrogant

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The Roman Numeral Question


In the poem, "night" refers to

I. the death of the maiden

II. a pun on Sir Lancelot's title

III. the end of the affair

A. I only

B. I and II

C. I and III

D. II and III

E. I, II, and III