February - 2016

Greetings Team MAET!

Brrrr, it looks like the mild winter we were having in Michigan has gifted us with an arctic blast! Aside from the temperature dip, we're enjoying the precious sunshine that has recently peeked out of the cloud cover.

We've had some exciting things happen and we hope you continue to scroll down and read all about them.

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Hello from Candace!

As you may have heard, Candace Marcotte has recently joined us as a new MAET Program Coordinator.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to welcome Candace Marcotte to the MAET team. Candace has officially joined us this week as the MAET Program Coordinator.

Candace comes to us with a deep knowledge of the program as an MAET alumna (overseas cohort) and an MAET Certificate instructor. Most recently, Candace has been sharing her enthusiasm for educational technology as a member of the MSU-Wipro STEM and Leadership Fellowship instructional team.

Candace has extensive K-12 classroom experience. She started her career in education teaching 6th grade ELA and science in Ypsilanti, Michigan. After earning her Master of Arts in Educational Technology, she accepted a position as a middle school technology facilitator in Glenview, Illinois. In her role as technology facilitator, Candace worked to support the 1-to-1 learning environment in a range of capacities. One of Candace’s favorite partnerships was working with a group of colleagues who wrote and received a grant to allow for the creation of maker spaces in the middle school libraries in her district.

From co-planning and co-teaching in all content areas to district-wide professional development and the creation of a student start-up program, Candace loves to examine how, through the utilization of TPACK, we can create engaging and accessible lessons for learners of all ages. Her approach to sharing this understanding with other educators is demonstrated in her “TPACK in 2 Minutes” video, which you may have seen.

Most important for us is that Candace is a dedicated and excellent teacher with a deep connection and passion for K-12 education. Additionally, she is committed to providing meaningful and creative learning opportunities to learners and leaders of all ages.

We are delighted to welcome Candace to the team!

MAET Introduction

Outstanding Faculty Award goes to Punya Mishra!

Michigan State University is honoring Professor Punya Mishra with the William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award. He is among 10 MSU faculty members receiving the award this year for outstanding contributions to research and education. - See more at:

Mandatory Academic Plan

This is required for all current MAET students.

The MSU Graduate School requires that an up to date academic plan be on file for all students. This will be facilitated via Google Docs. We have created a template for you to copy and fill out. To access the template please go to:

Fill in your course plan (what you have completed and what you have left). You can always access a list of courses you have completed by going to

If transferring a course from another institution, please write TRANSFER in the course code column.

Program Codes:

  • Online and Hybrid Programs: 6731
  • Overseas program: 2299

Once you have filled out the form, please share the document with Angelica Kim ( Maintaining your program plan will be your responsibility, but Angelica can help with any questions you have along the way.

As you make changes to your plan, please email Angelica to alert her of any changes. This document will be used as the basis for future discussion of plan changes and for degree progress check-ins. We always welcome open and frequent communication and this new tool will help us all communicate more strategically.

Important Dates

March 7-11, 2016 - Spring Break
March 9-11 - MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan
March 14 - May 6, 2016 - Spring Second session for CEP-811 & 812
March 25 - last day to drop section #733 with a refund

May 16 - June 30 First Summer Session
July 5 - August 18 Second Summer Session
May 16 - August 18 Full Summer Session

Who is going to MACUL?

Team MAET will have a booth in the exhibit hall at MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) in Grand Rapids, March 9-11. We will have our faithful mascot, (inflatable) Sparty with us and some activities to participate in. Please stop by to meet us, reconnect, and/or put a face to the name, along with the photo op with Sparty. We will be in booth 226.
I'm attending and/or presenting at MACUL!

If you're attending or presenting at MACUL, we'd love to know about it. Please fill out this form so that we can connect!

January Job Postings

Here is a link to the MAET curated job postings: