Midwest Veterinarian

Maddie Morris

All about Midwest Veterinarian

Midwest veterinarian has been trusted by many families for there house hold and exotic animals , we all had to graduate high school and then go to college for three to four years. After that we had to go to veterinarian school for three to five years. We all had to get a Docker of Veterinary Medicine Degree. We also had to get our bachelors degree.

Job Openings!

If you are a trained veterinarian we would love to have you! You could even make $91,250 per year. This is what some of our main veterinarians have made in the previous years. If you are interested in being an assistant you would be making about $24,430 per year.

What we do

We diagnose and treat pets and animals on farms, ranches, zoos, and laboratories.We prescribe medication, vaccinate animals and educate owners on general care. We dress wounds and perform surgery's.
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