What is transferable?

Transferable is an app that allows you to quickly download things from the Camera Roll on your iPad onto your laptop without the use of email. It is especially useful on student iPads where email is not setup.
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Getting Started

Go to the App store on your iPad and download transferable - Wifi Photo Transfer to Web Browser! You can also click this link to view it in iTunes. There are a few different versions of the app. You need the FREE one for this challenge.

Once the app is downloaded, make sure you have something sitting in your Camera Roll, also known as the Photos app. It can be pictures, videos or anything you have exported to the Camera Roll, such as an iMovie trailer.

Things to Note

  • If you exit the app on the iPad while trying to download, the download will not work.
  • If one browser gives you trouble, try another! Usually Safari is pretty reliable.
  • If you need to get something off the iPad but it seems impossible, try exporting it to the Camera Roll. If you can get it in the Camera Roll, you can get it off the iPad.

This app is more useful for student iPads where email is not setup.

How do I get credit?

Email Karen or Kelly the picture or video you downloaded. Please remember, you are emailing from the laptop you accessed the picture or video on, not your iPad. (That wouldn't make sense now would it?) Happy Transfering! :)