DPN 26th year reunion


Days prior to selecting a president, the student board of Gallaudet and several staff members held a rally for the support of the deaf president selection. The next day on the 6th, the Board of Trustees stated Zinser would be announced as the 7th President of Gallaudet University and that outraged many students. They decided since the Board of Trustees made themselves unavailable for questions, the students would go to them. The protest lasted 8 days before the Board of Trustees held an emergency board meeting which included Spilman's resigned, Taskforce set up to determine the best way to achieve the 51% of deaf board members, no reprisals, and I. King Jordan became the 8th President of Gallaudet and the 1st known deaf President of Gallaudet. Phil Bravin took the chairperson position of the Board of Trustees and from that day forward we've always had a deaf president.

DPN 26th year reunion

Thursday, March 13th, 12pm

800 Florida Ave NE

Washington, DC

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Gallaudet University: Deaf President Now 25 Years
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March 1st-5th:

  • Large rally and candlelight vigil
  • Board of trustees plan to elect the 7th president

March 6th:

  • 100's of protesters marched to the hotel to protest the election

March 7th:

  • Students barricaded the campus and deflated tires on cars
  • Reps met with students and denied all 4 demands

March 8th:

  • Gates were reopened
  • students boycotted classes and rallied
  • Gallaudet 4 emerged

March 9th:

  • Congressmen met with Gallaudet
  • Zinsser agrees to begin presidency early
  • Staff addresses support for students

March 10th:

  • I King Jordan Retracts support
  • Zinser announces resignation

March 11th:

  • Students still not satisfied with 1/2 demands
  • Organized a 2nd march to capital

March 12th:

  • Day of rest

March 13th:

  • 51% deaf on board promised
  • Brauin named next board of trustees
  • NO reprisals
  • I. King Jordan was named 8th president

Alison S. (Current Student)

“I am so proud of my school for accomplishing the Deaf President Now protest. Today, we still have a deaf president and that makes the school very happy. Gallaudet is a very positive school and it makes me proud to be deaf, I feel like I am now a part of something big. The 26th celebration is very important and I am happy to have participated.”

Shelby R. (Current Student)

I’m so grateful for the whole Deaf President Now protest. Twenty-six years of having an actual deaf president has really made a difference at our school. I feel so confident with my deafness and the hearing world now knows we aren’t the helpless children they think we are. Because of this event we learned we have a voice and can stand up for ourselves; we don’t have to accept the ways others have created for us, we can fight back! Our president being deaf allows our voices to be heard and our situations to be understood since they know what it’s like to be unable to hear. I’ve never been so proud; Deaf President Now, Deaf President Forever!