Welcome to New York City!

Where the opportunities are endless!

Welcome to the Grand City of New York!

Thank you all so much for showing interesting in the bustling city of New York, located in the United States of America! If you didn't already know, New York City is the largest city in the United States housing more than 8.4 million people from a diversity of cultures. As much as 800 different languages are spoken in the melting pot city of New York despite English being it's main language due to the city being a major gateway for legal immigrants to enter. As evident throughout the city, these foreigners come with hopes of work and successfully establish their small businesses as restaurants of small shopping markets. Poverty is relatively low, while average household income is relatively high, along with their middle- class population.

Amongst the working class foreigners, the coastal city of New York is also home to some of the world's biggest corporations and the world's largest stock exchange, Wall Street. The city is a major world capital and a world leader in finance, communication, and the arts. The Port of New York is the third largest in the United States but the busiest in the East coast. Yearly, the port handles about $200 billion in shipping cargo on average. Jobs are constantly being created and there are many eager to work. This all goes to show that New York City is a city of prosperity.