Learning From Home

Growing Readers, Writers and Thinkers from Home, Volume 12

Welcome back friends!

We are devoting this newsletter to sparks for writing and processing this time of social distancing. It all started with an amazing video that my colleague and good friend Ms. Sanders shared on lessons about social distancing by NASA astronaut Nicole Stott. From there we gathered articles on Newsela about ways that people are coming together during quarantine. People are getting to know their neighbors and support each other in some beautiful ways. As a student of mine said, "sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect."

We also offer a poem by Nikita Grill and an image by author and artist Peter Reynolds that serve as reminders of the beauty that can be uncovered during this difficult time.

As we cope with missing our on end-of-the-year rituals such as field days, dances, and graduations, we hope that these resources provide comfort and serve as a reminder that this will not last forever and we will be together soon.

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Lessons on social distancing from astronaut Nicole Studd

My students and I loved this video! It generated such a wonderful discussion about social distancing and the lessons we are learning during this time. It is both comforting and thought-provoking! It served as a great spark for writing!
Social Distancing Is Hard. This Astronaut Has Some Advice. | NYT Opinion

My sketchnote inspired by Nicole Stott's video

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Try the SOAK Method

Our dear friend Stephanie Affinito shared this blog post in which she explains the SOAK method. Though she focuses on how it can help teachers, we feel that it can be a powerful tool for helping students cope as well. Check it out!