Principal Update

October 2017

BSE and China - A few reminders

As you know we have a new partner with Gaung Ji Central Elementary in Ningbo City China. Gaung Ji Central Elementary has around 2000 1st - 6th grade students and they are a premier STEM school in the Zhejiang Province. I'll be traveling to China next Friday morning and will spend a few days in Beijing (Great Wall, Palace, etc.) then will travel to Ningbo for four days of government meetings, school visits and on the final day in Ningbo I'll spend a day at our partner school. At the formal meeting I'll present everything about our BSE and invite them to formally partner with us. I have a collection of gifts to offer them (big deal in China) and will also need more items for students. I am looking for letters from students of all ages at BSE to hand out to our new friends as I tour their beautiful school. Please drop off anything your class would like me to deliver to China by Wednesday next week.

Many of you have been curious about how HSE got involved. HSE school was asked if they desired a partnership with the city of Ningbo for all HSE schools. In that invitation we were originally had planned on welcoming our new partner to visit us this past August (you may remember that communication to parents last year), but they failed to get visas for travel. With their cancelation of a visit they quickly invited us to come to them in October to initiate the partnership. With that invitation only 6 total schools accepted the new partnership. LRE, GES, FES, HRE, SCI, and BSE did accept and all six of us principals will travel together next week. In turn we will all welcome students and teachers from our partner school next August. It is then my hope to take a return trip with teachers, parents, and students in 2019.

The Chinese partnership with Gaung Ji Central is only one small piece to our 21st Century and HSE21 goals to ensure our students are connected and engaged with the global population. It is my hope that this partnership will inspire new interest, new knowledge, and new experiences for those students who may not have looked to as far as China in their childhood. We do have many students who are blessed with international travel, so this may not inspire them as much as others, but we are fortunate to have the opportunity to help our students develop a friendship with students on the other side of the world. I am also blessed to get the opportunity to represent BSE on the first trip to kick off this partnership.

Welcome to our New BSE Bears!

PTO Serves Dinner for Parent Teacher Conferences

Thanks to the PTO we will have food available next Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-7PM. Remember that Rich or I will be at the front door from 4-7 Tuesday through Thursday next week. NO doors will be open after 7PM. DO NOT prop doors. If you schedule after 7PM you are responsible for letting in your guests. Thanks for keeping your colleagues safe!

Remember this is our opportunity to highlight what children CAN DO and engage parents in partnership with us to help ensure success. If you are participating in student led conferences be sure to have the child begin with "What I'm amazing at and proud of is....."

We are looking for 100% participation. If you have a no show or a reschedule make sure and document your attempts to reach out. A phone conference is better than no conference. Thank you for your extra hours...we have seen you before school...using your prep...using your lunch and staying wee hours after dark. Thank you.

A message from transportation about study trips....

It is imperative that we receive trip request at least 3 week prior to trips. We are receiving so many last minute trip request that we are having a hard time finding drivers to fill them all. We will be assigning drivers to the trips in the order in which we receive them so if trips are not input the 3 weeks prior there will be no guarantees we can fill them. At this point we are averaging 168 drivers per week on trips.

New Cameras at BSE

BSE has many new cameras placed throughout the school and grounds (7 total). The office has access to a broader view of all areas and I am able to view all cameras from my desktop. We are excited to have our new views and a safer campus at BSE!


A huge thank you for doing your part in helping our growing Pre School team with parking spaces. Parents are required to park and walk in the preschoolers and in order to be safe with the K-4 drop off line, the closest spots near playground are best. Your diligence in leaving the guest spots and far right spots open is appreciated!

Evaluation Corner

At this point in the year 100% of you have had your end of year/beginning of the year conference. Thank you for the time in reflection, goal setting, and professional conversation. These take a great deal of time, but are a favorite for Rich and I for sure. You are a tremendously talented group of professionals and speaking with you is absolutely a joy. Here are a few reminders for the next steps.

  • Make sure you have your long evaluation on the calendar with your evaluator.
  • Remember that a long evaluation will always follow with a conference with your evaluator.
  • Shorts will happen Monday through Friday rain or shine, minimum one per teacher.
  • No evaluation conference will be scheduled after a short unless you or the administrator prefer to have one.

7 Extra Professional Development Hours: What is the plan?

This school year will be different than the past years where teachers selected their extra hours. Instead I will be working with district and local committees to schedule needed development. So when you see an invite from me for a staff meeting that is not a regular scheduled meeting or PLC, that is one of our 7.

Progress Monitoring & AimsWeb

Now that RTI is officially off to a start and all teachers have met one on one to develop plans for children, we are ready to collect several weeks of progress monitoring data in order to determine if the targeted instruction is effective.

AIMSWEB may be accessed here.

Logins and passwords may be accessed here.

Directions for setting up & progress monitoring children in Aimsweb.

LLI Reading Intervention

What is it?

Leveled Literacy Intervention is an effective small-group instruction for students who find reading and writing difficult. With engaging leveled books, fast-paced systematically designed lessons, LLI empowers both teachers and students as together they work toward attaining reading and writing proficiency.

How can I get started?

Megan or Fatima will model a minimum of two lessons in your classroom in order for you to get started. One of them will also walk you through the checkout procedure for materials and how to access materials online when needed.

Accessing the LLI Repository - CLICK HERE.


Password: hselli

Make the Call! Communicating with Parents

In a digital world where texting and emailing is so easy and fast and almost expected...BSE administrators are strongly encouraging our teachers to reach out to your families with phone calls when needing to communicate.

Since Parent many families have you talked with over the phone? There are definitely times when email is appropriate or even Remind and See Saw but if a quick phone call regarding an awesome day or an undesired behavior goes a long way ...then why not have a parent hear your voice? Sometimes it's even quicker than drafting an email! Make the call!