Atchison Alternative School

Standard 2 Indicator 2.3

Inservice 8/13/13

August 13th

8:00 – 9:00 Legal with Mr. Mears HS

9:30 – 11:30 PLC Work

What is a PLC?

What are our believes?



Talk about the 4 beliefs, how can we build a collaborative team, and the characteristics of a learning community

1:00 – 4:00 Curriculum

2:00 Power School Jen Dryden

Family Time

Common Core Essential Standards

4/23/14 PLC Minutes

People in Attendance: Paulette Augustine, Gerre Martin, Lynne Teaford, Caitlyn O’Sullivan (student teacher), Matt Nelson, Chelsey Matous, Christine Shade, Lori Jordan

People Missing: Jody Jones, Keenan Martin (Elementary School PLC), Kelsey Martin (Elementary School PLC)

Positives (in school):

- A former student came back!

- We have some students that will graduate!

Positives (out of school):

What we talked about: (Side note: I didn’t put in any names because I wasn’t sure about that. You can add names if you desire)

- Students and their progress academically.

- Students that are no longer getting open lunch.

- Options for students who are not doing well academically and how to push them in the right direction.

- Seniors and what they have left to complete.

- Students we are worried about academically and behavior.

- Students who have truancy issues.

- We have a student long term suspended, but will be in Target. (May be able to get her graduated next year. Cannot be full time until the start of second quarter next year.)

- T.S. starts half days starting tomorrow in A+ for remainder of year and after school program.

Student Handbook:


- Log entries that are not minor or major referrals should be put in as “FYI” in the subject.

- In School Suspension: we are losing a para, so we need to think about how to work ISS.


- We have a lot of students that are won’t.

- A.A. got behind in credits for social issues.

- B.A. here due to IEP and health issues (moved).

- S.B. at Effingham and was in Target.

- J.B. has no credits.

- D.C. dropped and came back.

- K came behind on credits.

- S.C. from Effingham and came back after going to a health area.

- D.C. no credits.

- K.D. behavior.

- B.E. behind on credits.

- A.E. at Effingham, Lawrence (a lot of movement) behind on credits.

- J came from MS and behind on credits.

- N.H. moved and behind on credits/dropped out. Came back.

- C.H. did property damage elsewhere.

- D.H. “can’t” do work in certain areas skill wise.

- L.H. is no longer using certain items he needs to be able to pay attention. Moved around a lot during high school career. Behind on credits.

- K.K. a bit too social, so wouldn’t work.

- A.L. has health issues and attendance issues.

- B.M. was a bit too social.

- D.N. was a “won’t.”

- T.O. is a “can’t” in some skill areas (moved around a lot), but mainly a “won’t.”

- J.R. has been moved around a lot and has some legal issues he is facing. J.R. is generally a “can’t.” Has self-confidence issues with academics.

- D.S. is social and a “won’t.”

- T.S. was moved around a lot and had to be placed in AAS due to age because of movement and getting behind from the moving.

- M here because of health issues and IEP.

- N.W. has some gaps but has health issues. A lot of lack of sleep.

- J.Z. behavior.

- Would the Alternative School be more successful if we got students before they were a senior?

- Could we come up with a specific criteria kids have to meet to come here to make sure we get kids earlier?

- Should we be a Tier 2 intervention?

- Would breaking up scheduling to 45 minute chunks (but still 90 minutes overall) for the class help?

- Have iPad issues and cell phone issues that lead to disruptions and lack of participation during class.

- Should we do an iPad cart and keep iPads here overnight? Check out sign up for overnight if needed for homework? iPads automatically restricted for all.

School Autonomy

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