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News about the great things at R.C. Burleson Elementary!

Welcome to the Outstanding Owl!!

Hello R.C. Burleson Staff,

This newsletter will be utilized to highlight various activities and accomplishments that occur on campus. If you want to feature anyone or anything that deserves Kudos at our school, please email me with a picture and/or description. The goal is for it to be published biweekly. We are doing great things, lets share our great work!

R.C. Burleson's Vision

Our vision is to achieve distinction in academic excellence through dedication and collaboration.

Kudos to the entire staff for visualizing where we would like to be in the future. The vision team utilized your ideas to create our vision on Monday, Oct. 5th.

R.C. Burleson PTA

Did you know that R.C. Burleson now has a PTA? The PTA has been inactive at our school for several years. In order for it to be reestablished we had to have a meeting in which at least 20 people joined and participated. This meeting was held on Monday, Oct. 5th in the auditorium. Kudos goes to the staff/teachers who came out and participated in this meeting. They are: Ms. Wilson, Ms. Zalace, Ms. Ross, Mr. Ford, Mr. Iglesias, Ms. Ingram, Ms. Alexander, Ms. Trout, Ms. Cortez, Ms. Hamilton, and our community liaison that help facilitate it all, Ms. Ware. Thank you all for making this a success! We are asking that 100% of the staff join our PTA. Our parents and students deserve our support.

Soccer Team

R.C. Burleson's Soccer team is already in season. Kudos go to Mr. Rodriguez for coordinating this effort. The students won their 1st game! Please go and support our team!! Way to go Owls!


Kudos to all of the staff that had perfect attendance for the 1st 6 weeks! Way to Go!!!

Ms. Andrade, Ms. Baca, Mr. Beltran, Ms. Blythe, Ms. Bridges, Ms. Casiano, Ms. Brown, Ms. Castleberry, Ms. Cortez, Coach Davis, Ms. Fajardo, Mr. Ford, Ms. Guzman, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Hood, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Manzanares, Ms. Martin, Ms. McKnight, Ms. Moore, Ms. Moreno, Ms. Pagan, Ms. Ross, Ms. Soto, Ms. Stewart, Mr. Striker, Ms. Trout, Ms. Ulloa, Ms. Vied, Ms. Williams, Ms. White, and Ms. Zalace.

Huff, Puff, and Blow them Away Math and Reading Night

Remind 101


Please do not forget to text @RCBstaff to 81010 to receive staff updates.

Thanks to all of you for coordinating our Annual Math and Reading Night! Each grade level had outstanding activities for the students to participate in. Students also enjoyed seeing their teachers dressed up as their favorite storybook character. Kudos to you all!