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Winter Issue

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A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Midfield City School District Family,

What a difference a year makes! It has been truly wonderful to see the faces of our students and employees in person this year. We are grateful for the strides made since the onset of the pandemic, and Midfield City School District will continue to prioritize both safety and education.


On the topic of masks, I understand that some school districts are making masks optional. Midfield City Schools, however, will continue to make facial coverings mandatory until further notice. It is our belief that this is the best practice for our schools.

Self Care

Speaking of health, I’d like to discuss self care. One of my favorite quotes comes from the young renowned poet laureate, Amanda Gorman. “For there is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Thank you to our teachers and admin who are so often a shining light to others. As we transition deeper into fall, and it gets darker earlier and we find ourselves spending less time outdoors, it can be difficult on our emotions. I encourage you to continue being there for each other, and to reach out to our professional counseling team for guidance as needed.

Finally, it brings me tremendous pleasure to reintroduce our districtwide newsletter. It is one of the ways we will keep you informed about what’s happening in the District as well as what’s to come. Thank you to our own Dr. Janet McConis Jenkins and her team for making this happen. Please, take a moment and read on, for there is exciting news and developments we want to share with you.


Dr. Shun Williams


What's Right in Our Schools?

Midfield Elementary Students Learn What it Means to Give Back to Those in Need

This year the students at MES really got in the spirit of giving right before the Thanksgiving Break! Our students eagerly participated in the Midfield City Schools' Thanksgiving Food Drive. Each homeroom pulled their resources together and rallied their friends and family members to donate canned goods to their homeroom in support of the food drive. With the help of the Peer Helpers, MES was able to collect 2,110 non-perishable items.

We had several Super Giver Homerooms that were top donators to really push our giving to another level.

Kindergarten - Ms. Winston with 224 non-perishable items

First Grade - Ms. Beasley with 119 non-perishable items

Second Grade - Mrs. Henderson with 176 non-perishable items

Third Grade - Ms. Larriett with 175 non-perishable items

Fourth Grade - Ms. Jones with 286 non-perishable items

CNP - 39 non-perishable items

Midfield High School Makes Second Round of the State Playoffs

Congratulations to our Varsity football team for making it to the second round of the 2A playoffs. Great job!

MHS 2A 2020-2021 Basketball Champs Begin their Season!

The 2022 Midfield Boys Basketball team looks to go back to back as 2A State Champs once again. This year is projected to be very exciting due to the phenomenal student athletes that lead the program. Seniors Jamarkus Alexander and Anthony Johnson look to finish their careers with an impressive resume that includes academic and athletic scholarships and another championship. The coaching staff, lead by Courtney Jones, is extremely confident that this year will be historical because of the hard work and dedication that has been put into the boys’ basketball program.

MCS Recognizes Great Teachers!

MES Teacher Spotlight

LaQuanda Winston is a kindergarten teacher at Midfield Elementary School. She has taught kindergarten at MES for nine years. Ms. Winston has two beautiful daughters, Sydney, 10, and Ariyana, 8. She’s a graduate of Faulkner University and The Alabama State University where she received her Education Specialist degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Winston enjoys being a MES Patriot because she has an opportunity to build lasting relationships with her students and their families. Ms. Winston became a teacher after leaving a major company in the Birmingham area. She admits that she loves being a teacher and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Thank you Ms. Winston for being a superstar teacher at MES!

RMS Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Adrienne Minor

Adrienne Minor is a fifth grade teacher at Rutledge Middle School. She is a proud 2013 graduate of Midfield High School. After graduating, she attended Alabama State University where she majored in Elementary Education with a minor in Math, and University of West Alabama where she received her Master’s and Education Specialist degree. She started her career at Midfield Elementary School in 2017 and she has been with the district ever since. Education is her passion and she believes that elementary education provides a strong foundation for students’ educational journeys. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

MHS Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. LaTosha Kelley

Mrs. Kelley earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Economics from Tennessee State University in 2006. She earned a Master’s Degree in Management from Colorado Technical University in 2012. Mrs. Kelley has spent the majority of her career experience working in the Business and Finance Industry. However, she decided to pursue a career in teaching only 3 years ago... It was literally “A Call from God”! What she loves about teaching is building relationships with her students. Mrs. Kelley is looking forward to assisting students in developing technological skills that promote leadership, and career/workplace readiness. Mrs. Kelley married her high school sweetheart of 12 years, Patrick Kelley, and they have 4 handsome, smart, and athletic sons: Qelsi, Christian, ShaMaurian, and Ayden.

MCS Recognizes Great Students!

MES Student Spotlight - Jaquilyn Bennett

Jaquilyn Bennett is five years old. Her birthday is April 4. Jaq (Pronounced as Jack), as she is called by her friends and family, is a student in Mrs. Carter’s Kindergarten class. She loves to play with her sisters (Riley and Zuri). She loves to learn and is an amazing student. She also loves to make jewelry with her mom. Here is a picture of Miss Jaquilyn Bennett with a ring that she and mom made.

RMS Student Spotlight-Makayla Harris

Makayla Harris is an eleven-year-old student at RMS. She likes to play basketball and discover new electronics. Her future career plans are to become a nurse, because she loves to help other people. She loves RMS and how she is able to receive LiveSchool points.

MHS Student Spotlight-Ya'Nia Brundidge

Ya’Nia Marie Brundidge is a 16 year-old sophomore at Midfield High School. She is an honor roll student and the class president for the Class of 2024. She definitely takes pride in her school. She's the co-captain of the Midfield High cheer team and enjoys being active in clubs like Future Business Leaders of America. After graduation, she plans to attend the Birmingham Flight School to become a Flight Attendant. Outside of school, she likes to watch and talk about the television show, All American.

School News

What is LiveSchool at RMS?

  • A teacher-friendly app for tracking behavior
  • An app for student and parent feedback
  • Tools for a school store and other engaging incentive systems
  • A system for school and district data

Students and parents can use LiveSchool from their phone, tablet, or laptop to view behavior feedback from all teachers. When you record a comment, it will be instantly visible to the student and their parents. And parents with multiple students have just one login to view all feedback! RMS hosts one LiveSchool celebration per month to reward students who have obtained 100 LiveSchool points or more. If you need your parent login information, please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher.

RMS LiveSchool Students of the Week

These students had the most LiveSchool points in their respective grade levels.

Morgan Robinson-8th Grade

Empowering and Preparing Our Students

Thank you all for making the D.I.G. Empowerment Summits, Red Ribbon Week and Career Day a success! Our students are one step closer to being college, career and life ready!

MHS Welcomes Connell School of Writing


The Connell School of Writing seeks to develop students into critical thinkers who can write intelligently and thoughtfully in academic, professional, and personal settings.

The course Critical Writing: The Personal Essay, is designed for 9th and 10th grade students and offers a strong foundation for all academic writing. Over the course of eight (8) structured, standards-based lessons, students will learn a complete writing process and write a fully-realized personal essay. In each session, students will participate in guided exercises designed to increase writing skills, deepen self-knowledge, organize ideas, and transform personal opinion into critical analysis. By the end of this course, students will have written a personal essay using a critical thinking and writing process that they can apply across academic disciplines. #PatriotStrong

MES Celebrates Reading

Read-A-Thon and the Scholastic Book Fair

What happens when reading join forces with a fundraiser? You create a wonderful opportunity to host a Read-A-Thon and a Scholastic Bookfair. Each event gives our students an opportunity to increase their reading, improve their reading skills and raise funds for MES. With the Literacy Act reminding us that we have to do more to get our students reading, why not let them have fun doing it? The Read-A-Thon allows students to read anything they want (at home or at school) and use the Read-A-thon online timers to track how many minutes they read. Get your student registered and let your friends and family know so they can support them with a donation. In addition to reading, the students will have an opportunity to win some great prizes. The Read-A-Thon begins November 29th. While spending more time reading, the Scholastic Book Fair is coming to MES on December 6th - 15th. We hope the Read-A-Thon will energize your student’s love of reading and give them the boost they need to beg you to buy them a new book at our Book Fair. Remember to check your child’s backpack this Friday for more information on how to set up your student’s Read-A-Thon online account. We can’t wait to hear all about the great things our students are reading! Happy Reading!

PATRIOT After-School Educational Academy

All children will face challenges during their academic career. Sometimes, their grades might dip in a certain subject or maybe they’ll need some study help for a big upcoming test. MHS wants to do everything in our power to help our children improve academically and love to see the self-confidence that comes with success.

Midfield High School offers after school tutoring for students in Math, Science, and Reading. If your child is in need of ANY help with schoolwork, we are here to help! Just reach out! 205-923-2833

District-Wide News

7 Simple Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

Courtesy of the American Red Cross

The 2021 holiday season is here! That means: Cooler temperatures. Turkey Day feasts. Family and friends. And, of course, football. While this fills many of us with excitement, it can also be stressful. No worries. Your Midfield City Schools family has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of safety reminders from the American Red Cross to help guide you safely through the hustle and bustle of the season.

  • When frying food, turn the burner off if you see smoke or if the grease starts to boil. Carefully remove the pan from the burner.

  • Keep a pan lid or a cookie sheet nearby. Use it to cover the pan if it catches on fire. This will put out the fire. Leave the pan covered until it is completely cooled.

  • Turn pot handles to the back of the stove, so no one bumps them or pulls them over. Use a timer to remind yourself that the stove or oven is on.

  • Check the kitchen before going to bed or leaving home. Make sure all stoves, ovens, and small appliances are turned off.

Celebrating with the people you live with is the safest choice. If you do celebrate with people who don’t live with you, gatherings and activities held outdoors are safer than indoor gatherings

  • Do not attend or host a holiday gathering if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If you are not fully vaccinated and must travel, follow CDC’s Domestic Travel or International Travel recommendations for unvaccinated people.

  • Everyone, even people who are fully vaccinated, will still be required to wear a mask on public transportation.

Also, remember that as temperatures drop, the number of house fires go up. Remember to:

  • Testing your smoke alarms monthly, and practice your home fire escape plan with your family.

  • Everyone should be able to escape in under two minutes -- which is generally how long you have to escape a burning home before it’s too late.

Check out and download the free Emergency app and Red Cross First Aid app on your smart phone. You can find an escape plan for your family, and receive lifesaving instructions on emergency. Print these tips, and keep them handy. Have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!

Why Attendance is Important in Helping Every Student Succeed

One of the most important things your child can do to reach the goal of success is also one of the most basic: attend school every day on time! By attending class regularly, your child is more likely to keep up with daily lessons and assignments and take quizzes and tests on time. Research has shown that your child's regular attendance may be the greatest factor influencing his/her academic success.

Some of the greatest benefits for attending school regularly are:

  • Achievement: Students who attend school regularly are more likely to pass reading and math assessments than students who do not.
  • Opportunity: For older students, being in school every day gives them a chance to learn more about college and scholarship opportunities and to learn the important information to build a successful academic record.
  • Exposure to the English language: Regular school attendance can also help students who are learning English by giving them the opportunity to master the skills and information they need more quickly and accurately.
  • Being part of the school community: Just by being present at school, your child is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in the school community, learning valuable social skills, and developing a broader world view.

Tidbits and Updates

Fuzzy Wuzzy Sock Drive

December 1-December 15

Look what I found on the very top stair,

Look what I found up there!

It looks like a box and it’s filled with socks,

Oh look what I found up there!

How many pairs do you think we’ll find,

How many pairs are inside?

I found a sock, it was almost lost,

That’s fuzzy wuzzy, warm and soft!

We’ll look through the batch ‘till we find a match

For fuzzy wuzzy, warm and soft!

Important Dates to Remember

  • Next Board Meeting-December 20, 2021 @ 4:30 Midfield High School Library
  • Thanksgiving Holidays-November 22-November 26, 2021
  • Updated 1st Nine-Weeks Report Cards Go Home Today
  • Christmas Holidays-December 21-January 3, 2022
  • Students return from Winter break on January 5, 2022
  • School closed January 17-MLK Holiday