The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank

Theme Paragraph1-You must show courage when faced with obstacles

The theme, you must show courage when faced with obstacles came up a lot in at The Diary of Anne Frank. They showed courage many times in the play, they rarely overreacted when something would happen. An example is “The Buzzer of the door suddenly sounds. Everyone is startled. Mr. Frank tiptoes cautiously to the top of the steps and listens, again the buzzer sounds, in Miep’s V for Victory signal” (412). Mr. Frank also showed courage when he went to the door and looked out the door. They didn’t freak out whenever a cop went by the Annex. They were quiet and listened for when the cop car went away, but they were never loud and they kept their calm. They also showed courage when the workmen were in the building and they kept there cool and stayed quiet so the workmen wouldn’t know that they were in hiding.“It’s a little after six, two months later, the workmen have left” (381). They never alerted the workmen because they showed courage and were calm when they were there. They never freaked out and had panic attacks while hiding, they always kept their cool. They would always find something to take their mind off of the problem. Another show of courage would be “If the Nazis found out that they were hiding us, they would suffer the same fate we would” (381). Miep would always go out and get them what they need and want, she was one of the main reasons that they kept their sanity. She showed courage because the penalty for helping the Jews was to be shot, but she helped them anyways.

Theme paragraph2-Friends and Family will always have your side

Friends and Family will always have your side is supported a lot in The Diary of Anne Frank. A reason is Mr. Frank reassured Anne that everything would be alright. “There are no walls, there are no bolts, no locks can that anyone can put on your mind.” (379). Mr. Frank reassured when she wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her and everyone she loved. Another reason is when Peter and Anne would always play together. ”Peter goes after Anne, with his shoes in her hand, runs from him, dodging behind her mother” (382). Anne and Peter would always get their minds off of the war whenever they would play games with each other. One other reason is when Mrs. Frank helps Anne when she has a bad dream. ”Hush, darling, hush. It’s all. It’s all right.” (397). Anne had a very bad dream and she screamed waking up everybody in the Annex. Mr. Frank helped her and she went back to sleep and didn’t have another nightmare.

Biography Paragragh-Mr. Frank

Biography Paragraph-Mr Frank

Mr. Frank was a businessman and had a family. He was born May 12, 1889, in Frankfurt. He had three siblings; he had an older brother and a younger brother and sister. He spent a summer studying art history at the University of Heidelberg. He married Edith Hollander, on May 12, 1925. Their first child was Margot and then Anne. Otto relocated his family when Hitler moved into power. In 1942, Margot got a letter demanding that she should go to a work camp, so Otto had them go into hiding. Otto was the only survivor of the families in the annex. He returned in 1945, then he published Anne’s diary on 1947.

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Picture Paragrph

I chose a shield because Otto was very protective of his family. "Yersterday Father told me we were going into hiding" (372). He was the one who decided to put his family into hiding. Mr. Frank slips down the stairs and into the door below."(407). He was always the one to go to the door when they heard something; he went down the door when the robber came, so his family and friends would be safe. "The danger has passed. Don't be so terrified Anne. Were safe" (408). Otto wanted to keep his family out of harm’s way.

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