WELCOME to 2nd Grade!

Chiara Young's Holistic Differentiated Classroom

What Can be Expected in My Classroom

As an Educator, I recognize that all students learn in different ways. Multiple Intelligence theory embraces the many different ways that our children are smart. During the course of the school year, I will be presenting a quality curriculum that has respectful tasks. Students will be given material just above their comfort zone that will serve to motivate and inspire academic growth and classroom engagement.

Student Evaluations

each student will be assessed at the beginning of the year to accurately measure growth throughout the year. At each benchmark an formative assessment will be given to assure the student has mastered the skill. If the student has not, the material will be reintroduced using a different method. A range of assessments are developed to challenge learners but allow learners to be successful. There will be several analysis of portfolios, journals, benchmark scores and end of the year assessments that combined measure student achievement.

Plans for creating a safe and secure classroom

Students have different learning styles and strengths may benefit each other. Grouping socially oriented students with those that are task oriented will encourage students to confront explore differences (Gorski, 2012).

Students will be encourage to respect differences by working together and combining strengths.


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