Lack of Females in Congress

We Need More Women by Julio Salazar

Gender Inequality

  1. This is the unequal treatment or perceptions of people based on their gender. These differences in social gender roles as well as as through biological reasons. This is a picture illustrating it on a global scale based on the gender gap.

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Women And Congress

We the United States people of America have appraised ourselves for our liberal view on how we consider women at the top of this list right next to men. But it isn't as it seems after all. In the epicenter of the media is our view, and we say how we have an equal share of women in congress. Women make up only 16.6% of the House and 15% of Senate. So women are't at the level men are as they are said to be.

Sociological Perspectives

Functionalism say that the division between women and men is efficient since men are typically stronger and bigger, and women are more caring and nurturing.

Conflict Theorist say that it is to men's advantage to prevent women for gaining any power to any political, economical, or social resources.

Symbolic Interactionists focus on how girls and boys learn they're way of acting by the way "they are suppose " to act. They do this through gender socialization

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Functionalism VIews on Feminism

Males are typically the stronger and bigger person compared too a female, giving the chance for men too control the resources and power.

Conflict Theory Views on Feminism

Women are not given equal share of scarce resources or power too keep males dominate.

Symbolic Interactionist Views on Feminism

People learn to think of men as the dominate in society, but being the leader of the home and the women too be the stay at home take care of the children kind people.