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As we approach the middle of April, we are reminded that the school year will soon come to an end. This year has been filled with so many amazing memories, and milestones. Fortunately, we still have so much more to celebrate. Come take a tour of 1100 Willow Ave. Try to keep up, we have a lot in store for the rest of this year.

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Even during remote learning, our Kindergarten students are hard at work. This week we have learned about our country in ELA, and subtraction and story problems in Math. We have been learning about natural resources in Science, and self regulation and how to be the best us we can be during our SEL learning. We have been writing up a storm and having fun doing so!
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First Grade

This week we have been starting each day using our emogers to discuss how we are feeling. We have been revisiting foundational skills, practicing our short/long vowel sounds. We have been comparing and contrasting characters from our stories and integrating some science into our ELA sessions. We have been working on basic math skills, addition and subtraction and learning how to break down numbers into tens and ones, as well as comparing the numbers we are using. We are wrapping up our 2 week Solar System project. We have learned so many fun and interesting facts about the planets!
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Second Grade

The second graders have been hard at work during this week of remote learning! The students have been reading expository texts, like our weekly story Wild Weather! and have been discussing nonfiction text features. They have also been learning about cause and effect, antonyms, main idea, telling time, practiced their multiplication facts, and so much more! The students have participated in hands-on activities, created craftivities, played educational games, had collaborative discussions and engaged in a variety of other exciting learning tasks. Even though we have been apart this week, the learning and fun continues in Wallace School 2nd Grade!

Third Grade

Third Grade has been hard at work. Students wrote and illustrated about their spring break. Students focused on catchy openings as well as descriptive details. Students enjoyed learning about fractions in math. Students learned how to identify fractions on a number line. Students also reviewed the skill of cause and effect to improve comprehension. In science, students learned about friction and forces. Students were engaged in various small group activities throughout the week to allow students the opportunity to work with peers as well as the teacher to reinforce skills that needed improvement. Students had a very successful week!
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Fourth Grade

The Wallace 4th Graders are currently reading the novel “Jim and Me”. A fantasy with non-fiction elements about two boys who travel back through time and meet the famous Jim Thorpe but are faced with many bumps along the way! We learned that Stosh has the ability to travel in time.Students created a baseball card by researching a historical baseball player in history.

As part of our targeted learning instruction, this week the 4th graders have been working on text structure. Students read a passage and determined how the passage was organized. For example, students determined if the passage was organized by cause and effect, description, problem and solution, compare and contrast, and sequence.

Fractions & Decimals

Our 4th grade students are wrapping up Unit 6 on fractions and decimals. This week students learned to multiply fractions, determine fractions and decimals on a number line, and reviewed skills that were previously taught. We discussed the many ways in which fractions and decimals are used in everyday life. Here are some examples : Eating at a restaurant, Shopping, sports, and eating pizza are just a few ways we discussed how fractions and decimals are used in everyday life.

Social Studies - The War of 1812

We are continuing on the road to the War of 1812. Students are reading about the meaning of the War of 1812. Students were able to describe the major players, causes and leaders of the War of 1812. As we continue to learn about the War of 1812, students will write about the war from different perspectives.

Fifth Grade

While it may have seemed bittersweet to be off site this past week, it was sweet sharing all of our Spring Break adventures. From our conversations it was evident that Spring Break provided us all with some much needed time to connect with friends and family, take in the sunshine, enjoy time in nature, unplug from technology, and rest our brains.

This week as a community we rolled up our sleeves and delved into learning, while also enjoying each other's company, chuckles and all! Challenges were met by our scholars across all disciplines as we engaged in furthering our knowledge and strengthening skills.

In ELA our readers finished reading our current novel study, The Watsons Go To Birmingham, discussed the story arc through chapter chats, and focused on developing reading skills related such as inferencing, citing quotes as evidence, drawing information from multiple sources, and making connections between claims, reasons and evidence. In addition, informational texts were paired with the historical novel to provide opportunities for our scholars to better understand the complex events that occurred during the Civil Rights era. Well thought through responses during collaborative conversations demonstrated our scholars’ abilities to see the world then and now, while also contemplating issues of equality and equity in our nation.

Our young mathematicians continued with their practice of multiplication and division of fractions with a specific focus on using abstract and pictorial representations to solve real world problems. Scholars also focused and reinforced their measurement skills by converting units within the customary and metric systems. Additionally, we learned about the history of measurement systems, the progression of units within the customary system, and why science uses the metric as the global system of measurement.

This week we have also begun a district wide initiative to help our scholars enhance their scientific knowledge and approach to tackling complex question types. For the first three days of science we reviewed the concept of traits, how they are studied by scientists, and whether they are inherited or acquired by organisms. Through these lessons scholars tackled items in which they had to apply the scientific method to this content area. For the final two days of the week our scientists discovered the many areas of study within the field of astronomy. By exploring this career path, our scholars learned that astronomers are scientists that study space and observable patterns between Earth, the sun, and the stars.

Lastly, our historians turned event planners for the week as they continued to engage with the Unit 3 Social Studies culminating performance task. Over the course of the week scholars planned the theme, location, and guest list for a “party” that demonstrates their knowledge of the Civil War. Scholars also created an invitation, seating chart for the event, and even wrote RSVP responses for those not attending! The creativity and class discussions facilitated critical opportunities for our scholars to unpack historical complexities.

Wallace's Music Corner

Remote Week of April 12th- 5th Grade Spotlight

This week, 5th Grade band students are making a virtual video of a classic band song, “Lightly Row.” They are practicing each of their parts by reading the online score and playing along with the audio and video tracks. They are having fun playing music together online.

Stay tuned for some exciting virtual performance videos.

Students in 5th grade general music were studying dynamics this week. They learned various Italian music terms and applied their knowledge of these words to read them on sheet music. Then, they listened to audio samples of the contrasting dynamics. Next week, they will write them in their own compositions.

Ms. McGeehin's Art on a Cart

Students in fourth and fifth grade are using their creativity this week with the drawing game, "Start with a Shape!" Each student starts with the same shape and then has five minutes to turn that into a unique drawing. In Ms. Leon's class, circles became eyes or Pacman; squares became Minecraft scenes or pizza boxes; hexagons became Simon or road signs; and so much more! We love exploring our own creativity through drawing games and seeing all of the different ideas that our peers come up with!

Spirit Week- Week of the Young Child

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Scholastic Book Fair

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Save the Date

  • Cogat Testing- April 22nd
  • Picture Day- May (TBD)

We ask that you all stay safe during this Spring Break. Please make sure you all rest up as this will be a busy end of the year. Until next time… Martin Shannon, Principal