Roomate Needed!!!!

About Me

My name is Sarah VanAuker and I am looking for a roommate. I love to have fun and spend time with people. I try to keep a home clean, but may lack every now and then but hey nobody is perfect. I respect privacy. My hobbies include reading, Pinterest,, walking, and having nap times. I will give you room to feel welcome in the home. I go to church every Sunday. I am Mormon. I respect different beliefs I wouldn’t deny someone because they are of different faith unless the Faith believes in stalking and training to be assassins, but other than that it is all good. I love to do service. I try to be a peacemaker. When you first meet me I am shy and weary of people, but when I get to know people I open up. I hope to one day get married and have a nice career already in sight.


We All Have Concerns

Some of my concerns are that we won’t get along, so I hope we are able to have fun together and be just like friends. Hopefully we are able to communicate and voice opinions. I hope to find an enjoyable roommate who isn’t some ax murderer and is outgoing and able to keep up a conversation. I also hope that my roommate has some goals in their life and not just a house bum, but everyone has a little house bum in them including me.


· Roommate needs to be female

· A job

· Able to pay rent on time

· Need good ambition

· Well Kept

· Able to keep space clean

· Able to help in any way

· To be able to have fun